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Dungeon Defenders - Fix for Game Creation Failed

Written by I'M THE DOCTOR BABY   /   Dec 29, 2020    

Are you tired of getting the "Game Creation Failed" prompt when trying to create a server, and have no idea what to do? I'll show you how to fix it.

The Error

This is the error that i'm talking about.

Reason Why This Happens

It's caused by Hamachi. You don't need to uninstall Hamachi like other people say you do to create a DD lobby, but it is a permanent fix (until you reinstall it).

The Fix

Open up control panel.

Click Network and Internet.

Then click Network and Sharing Center.

Inside you should see your wifi, changing your network settings, etc. On the left click Change Adapter Settings.

You should see Hamachi, right click it and click disable. And you're done.

Hamachi will enable itself again eventually. So every time you want to open up a server disable Hamachi first.