Pummel Party – Items Guide

This guide tells you what items are in the board game mode and what each one does.


Boxing Glove

Punch a player in range to kill them.


Shoot at another player in range to do 15 damage to them. It only hits 1 player.

Health Kit

Restores 20 HP.

Bee Hive

This damages other players around you but they won’t drop keys.


Steal keys and an item from any player in the target cone.


It’s a bomb that looks like an eggplant. You have 10 seconds to move it before it detonates. It damages anyone one tile away from it.

Swap Portal

Switch places with a player of your choice, but that’s the end of your turn.

Wrecking Ball

The wrecking ball hits your target and deals 10 damage.

Rocket Skewer

It moves you 10 spaces forward and hits any players in your path (the player must be on a tile) doing 15 damage. You get to roll when you get off.

Tactical Cactus Disguise

This protects you from the next damage or Portal, but you can’t use other items while using it or you’ll throw the Cactus away.


One of three things could happen:

  • The box glows with a golden blue aura and you are teleported one space infront of the chest and you can then roll the die.
  • The box glows with a golden aura and you are can chose 1 of 3 minigames to play at the end of the round.
  • The box glows with a dark aura and you get pulled into the box and lose a turn.

Dark Summoning Staff

Summon a foul cruel and bad tempered rodent you’ve ever set eyes on and take 4 steps forward. At the end of each round the rodent will kill the next player on the path in front of it. Only 1 can be in play at any time and it won’t disappear for the rest of the game.

Giga Laser

Kill a player anywhere on the map as long as can see them.

Nuclear Waste Barrel

Another player can’t use items and takes damage for 3 turns.

Arcade Challenge

Challenge another player to an Arcade game (either pong or frogger) and the winner gets a trophy.

Written by Kentkoopa

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