Plague Inc: Evolved – How to Beat Nano-Virus (Normal)

A simple guide explaining how to beat Nano-Virus on normal. Works on mobile and PC, but not on mega brutal/brutal.


The Nano-Virus is unlocked upon completing the Prion in Normal Mode or higher (or, if using Pity Mode on Plague Inc: Evolved, on Casual or higher). The unique aspect of the Nano-Virus is that it is already slightly used to all climates and that upon starting the virus, the Cure (AKA The “Killcode” will instantly be in development. When devolving symptoms, You will be given 2 points each time.

Genes (Optional)

These are genes that are particularly helpful with the Nano-Virus. If you don’t have them, don’t worry – only one is required.

DNA Genes

Metabolic Hijack is most useful, as you won’t need to worry about popping bubbles. Alternatively, you can use either Catalytic Switch to gain DNA from blue bubbles (which, trust me, you get a lot of) OR Cytochrome Surge (which I used) to get 2-7 DNA rather than 1-6 from orange bubbles.

Mutation Genes

This one is REQUIRED – Use Genetic Mimic, as it will buy you very good amount of time, which is EXTREMELY useful, as with the nano-virus, you don’t have much time to waste.

Travel Genes

While Teracyte is sufficient, it is reccomended that you use Aquacyte, as it really helps out with infecting islands. I’m looking at you, Greenland.

Environment Genes

While having no gene here can be done perfectly fine, it is recommended. Because the starting country, which I will name later, is a rural country with a hot, humid climate, use Hydrophile for the bonus in humid climates, or, if you have it, use Extremophile for a bonus anywhere. If you have neither, Rurophile is sufficient as well.

Evolution Genes

Although a case where you must devolve isn’t too common, use Ionised Helix for that extra DNA, just in case.


Important: Until said otherwise, you will need to devolve certain symptoms if they mutate.

If ANY lethal symptoms (excluding Fever) are mutated, devolve it INSTANTLY unless said otherwise. This also goes for the symptom Insomnia.

I will also refer to the nano-virus as “NV”. Also note that you need to upgrade WITHIN 10 SECONDS of having enough DNA (assuming playing on regular speed).


To start the NV, begin anywhere in Brazil. Yes, it’s an unusual spot, with not even a quarter of a billion people, but just go along with it, you’ll see it to the end of the game (as long as you don’t f**k something up).

Save up for 5 DNA.

Under Abilities, purchase Code Fragment Interception. This will decrease the preparation of the killcode by a good amount. The reason we do this so early is because by now the cure is already over 25% (and we haven’t even truly started yet!). If using ATP Boost, you can swap this with Step 2.

Save up for 10 DNA.

Under Transmissions, purchase Water I. Under Symptoms, buy Cysts. The reason we purchase a Symptom so early on is because global research begins as soon as the game starts, so there’s no point in the NV staying hidden in early-game. Cysts will increase infectivity at no cost, considering that all territories know about the NV already. If using ATP Boost, you can swap this with Step 1.

Save up for 10 DNA, again.

Under Abilities, purchase Code Segment Interception to buy the NV some time. Under Symptoms, buy Abscesses to increase infectivity.

Save up for 10 DNA, once again.

This is a simple one. Under Transmissions, purchase Insect I. This will increase infectivity, especially in hotter climates (See “Hot Climates – List” in “Lists” at the end of this guide)

Save up for 10 DNA, yet again.

Under Abilities, purchase Radical Elements Stabilized to buy more time. This acts similarly to Genetic ReShuffle I, however has a stronger effect, decreasing the cure by 95% compared to Genetic ReShuffle’s 25% (Or, on this virus, 30%).

Save up for 10 DNA, again, again.

Under Abilities, purchase Cold Resistance I. Since Brazil is a hot country, we should already be used to climates in countries like Saudi Arabia, India, or Egypt, but not colder climates like Greenland, Canada, or Russia. With this, we’ll be able to spread faster in any country listed in “Cold Climates – List”.

Save up for 15 DNA.

Under Abilities, purchase Drug Resistance I. This will allow us to spread faster in richer countries (full list located under “Wealthy Countries – List”)

Save up for 15 DNA again.

Under Transmissions, purchase Bird I. This will increase infectivity, especially so if a mass bird migration is soon to occur.

Save up for 25 DNA.

Under Abilities, purchase Genetic Hardening I to slow the cure and Encryption Breached (a more potent version of Genetic ReShuffle II) to buy time.

Save up for 20 DNA.

Under Abilities, purchase Genetic ReShuffle I. If you have the NV unlocked, you probably know what this does by now. Under Symptoms, purchase Sneezing.

Save up for 30 DNA.

Under Abilities, purchase Cold Resistance II. This will further increase infectivity in colder countries.

Save up for 18-20 DNA.

However much it costs, under Transmissions, purchase Water II. This will allow island countries that arent already infected to be infected sooner.

Save up for 20 DNA.

Under Abilities, purchase Genetic ReShuffle II to buy more time.

Save up for 35 DNA.

Under Transmissions, purchase Insect II to further increase infectivity in hotter climates. Under Symptoms, purchase the NV’s first lethal symptom: Fever.

Save up for 60 DNA.

Under Abilities, purchase Genetic ReShuffle III to buy time and Genetic Hardening II to slow the cure. Under Symptoms, purchase Skin Lesions.

Starting now, you can allow Insomnia and any lethal symptoms to mutate automatically.

There are 3 ways to end humanity end-game (or actually, mid-game!).

Option A: “Let The World Burn” (High Risk)

Save up for 47 DNA.

Purchase Coughing, Sneezing, Immune Suppression, and Total Organ Failure under Symptoms FIRST to murder everything. If you already have these, for some reason, and/or have extra DNA, buy Insomnia, Paranoia, Inflammation, and Paralysis SECOND to slow the cure. Then, purchase other lethal symptoms.

Option B: “Killing Them Softly” (Low Risk)

Save up for 100+ DNA.

Under Symptoms, purchase Insomnia, Paranoia, Inflammation, and Paralysis FIRST to slow down the cure. Note that, if you already have these, you likely screwed up one of the steps, and it’s a miracle you got here. Good job if that’s the case, i’m impressed. Anyways, if you have spare DNA, buy any other lethal symptoms, especially Total Organ Failure.

Option C: “Just like that, It was over.” (Medium Risk)

Save up for A LOT of DNA.

All at once, purchase the following under Symptoms:

Insomnia, Paranoia, Inflammation, Paralysis, Coughing, Pulminary Fibrosis, Immune Supression, Total Organ Failure, Coma, Seizures, Insanity, Necrosis


Cold Climates

Recommended that you have Insect I/II if you have several of these.

Balkan States, Baltic States, Canada, Central Europe, Finland, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Peru, Poland, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom (UK), Ukraine.

Hot Climates

Recommended that you have Cold Resistance I/II if you have several of these.

Algeria, Angola, Australia, Botswana, Brazil, Central America (C. America), Caribbean, Central Africa, Colombia, East Africa, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Mexico, Middle East, Morocco, New Guinea, Pakistan, Philippine Islands (Philippines), Southeast Asia (S.E Asia), Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sudan, West Africa, Zimbabwe.

Wealthy Countries

Recommended that you have Drug Resistance I/II if you have several of these.

Australia, Canada, Central Europe, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA).

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