Plague Inc: Evolved – How to Cure the Bacteria (Cure Gamemode)

How to cure the bacteria on casual, normal, brutal and mega brutal in the new Cure Gamemode in Plague Inc!

Guide to Cure the Bacteria

Adviser Setup

  • Abilities – Crisis Manager.
  • Country – Technical Officer.
  • Operation – Procurement Director.
  • Quarantine – Doesn’t matter.
  • Transmission – Forensic Epidemiologist.

Part I – Patient Zero

  1. Set your HQ somewhere in the middle. E.G. Egypt.
  2. Navigate to the Operation Tab and get Investigate Outbreaks, Deploy Field Operatives and Government Partnerships.
  3. Go back to the map find the origin country (where you see red dots) and send your Field Operatives there.

Part II – Control

  1. Get Infection Control in Operations.
  2. Get Hand Washing, Public Awareness, Disinfectant Supplies, Self-Isolation and Contact Tracing 1 and 2 in Response.
  3. Get Field Research, Vaccine Research and Vaccine Manufacturing in Operations.
  4. Get Border Monitoring, Testing Capacity 1 and Social Distancing in Response.
  5. Go to the World Tab and on the top left switch the filter to “Toggle Global Infected” and find the worst-case country and send Field Operatives there.

Start doing this regularly and get in the habit of it!

Part III – Vaccine

  1. Get PPE package 1, Contact Tracing 3 and Testing Capacity 2 in Response.
  2. Get Accelerated Research and Accelerated Manufacturing in Operation.
  3. Get PPE Package 2, Testing Capacity 3, Contact Tracing 4, Mask Wearing, Improve Supply Chains, Surge Protocols, Local Lockdowns and New Infrastructure.
  4. Now keep sending those Operatives and wait to get “Releasing” then you have won.

Part IV – Worst Case Scenario

If your Authority goes low invest in Authority 1-2-3, Fake News and Censorship.

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