Fidel Dungeon Rescue – No Zapping Achievement Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Mikede Kokkie!

Guide for the hardest achievement, No Zapping.


Hello there! If you are reading this, you are probably having a great time playing this game. I surely hope you are and I give the developer a lot of credit for this amazing game, as I’ve been playing this game for two weeks and I love it. You go Daniel!

So here’s the situation: You’ve played this game a ton, got almost every achievement except for this cursed one… “No Zapping”. No Zapping is by far the hardest achievement. It tests the limits of your path-finding abilities, health management, and prioritizing skills, and without a ton of practice, it surely won’t give itself away easily! In short, you have to beat the hard mode whilst specifically avoiding the gems on every level, thus limiting your patterns, and then you have to find the PERFECT path hitting EVERY piece of the dragon within a time limit, if you fail, gotta do that whole hard mode all over again brah!

How to get the Achievement

Warning, spoiler territory! If you haven’t beaten the game on hard mode yet, back away now!

As its name implies, the achievement involves not using any of the gems to zap the secret final boss of the hard mode, the “Nightmare”. This purple abomination awaits at the end of hard mode, or hell, as some people call it. Compared to the normal green dragon of the normal mode, he has some upgraded weapons, 30 of his body parts need to be destroyed, and he is weak to the zaps of those gems you would normally collect. But this time, you have to defeat him without using those helpful gems, that means, destroy ALL 30 of his body parts, without zapping!

Fidel Dungeon Rescue - No Zapping Achievement Guide

Turns into:

Fidel Dungeon Rescue - No Zapping Achievement Guide

Now then, “zapping” means collecting gems in the previous levels and then barking at the final boss, thus using one of the gems and draining one of his health points.

However: Here is the problem. Even if you decide to not use the gems, if you still collect them, there are specific parts of the final boss where you may have no choice but to bark (Namely the feet of the dragon, which you turn around by barking). The solution? Beat every level whilst avoided every gem, so you can bark freely….

Tips, Tricks and Cheats for the Weaker Minded

Following are three strategies and hints I can offer to anyone trying to get this horrendous achievement and don’t like the time limit or worse, replaying the entire hard mode again constantly.

  • Make sure that besides not collecting the gems, you have 9 coins and at least 6 hearts when you enter. The XP should be standard with what you enter with unless you were rushing hard mode, which if you did that, let’s be honest, you screwed yourself over and weren’t playing the game properly. But otherwise you should be fine. As for the coins, it may be difficult not using them on the semi-final hard level with the 70 xp gate. But just keep trying!
  • As soon as you enter the level, make a Steam Screenshot with F12 and solve the puzzle from your screenshot library. A huge warning I should give is that the only information you will miss with the screenshot is when the eggs hatch, so be sure to take note of the amount of in-game turns. And be sure to enjoy the final boss music in the pause menu while you solve it from the screenshot in the steam overlay, as I certainly do! 
  • This one is especially cheaty, but once you enter the level, you could make a back-up of your save file by copying C:Users[Name]AppDataRoamingfidelLocal Storesave.txt. Then, should you die, you can delete your save and replace it with the back-up, and you can try again. 

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