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Consists of different tactics, at different stages of PUBG in order to help gain an advantage when it comes to winning a game of Squads – winner winner chicken dinner.

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In PUBG, Squads is one of three gamemodes availible to play – in both third person and first person gamemode. In my opinion it is also the hardest mode to play. No longer is it about personal skill of shooting down enemies as you see them like solo or using simple pincer tactings on duo, but with squads, more complex, co-ordinated strategies must be used. For these strategies to work, a number of things need to work together.

Finding the Perfect Squad

You can be extremely skilled, but without a solid team to back you up, getting your chicken dinner will be an extremely difficult task. So step one, lighten the load: find three good teammates that you can rely on to play with you. These teammates should be level headed, you want to have fun so don’t play with people that get toxic if someone makes a mistake – mistakes happen, everyone is human. Your teammates should also play just as much as you, so you are never left a man down.


As you play together and become aware of each others strengths and weakness, form your team around it. For example, have a dedicated driver and a back up driver. Or if someone finds a sniper, give it to your player that excells in sniping – remember you are a team, just because you find an AWM doesn’t mean you should keep it, give it to the player most suitable.


In squads there are many tactics:

Bridge Camp

A well known tactic is the classic bridge camp. This can be done with one car, but since you are a squad two cars are the best and easy to achieve. Line them up nose to tail so that the bridge is blocked. This will stop any other cars from crossing unless they are A) A very skillful driver B) a motorbike. But in either they should be already dead before given the chance to drive through. When using this tactic you should prioritise shooting the driver, most teams will not react well enough to save themselves if the person driving their car is knockdown. 9 times out of 10, the rest of the team will get out in a sloppy, panicky manner allowing you to gather some free kills. If they do actually regain control of the car, prioritse shooting the new driver, however remember that cars cant drive if they dont have any tires. If you have a suitable gun and lots of ammo, this could be the tactic to use. Once you kill the incoming car, add it to your barricade – with each kill you get a lot stronger. You will gain more loot, and a bigger barricade to help you gain even more good stuff.

Bonus: If you have an LMG, just shoot the cars – they will blow up spectacularly, killing everyone inside and will be host of a nice fireworks show 😉

Compound Camping

Find a remote compound in the safezone. Desirably, it should made up of a few buildings surrounded by a wall. From here your squad should begin to fortify it. By this I mean; block up the entrace with a car, put two people on the roof, another inside a building, looking out of a window and lastly, one person on the ground playing around the wall. This settup works as the people on rooftops can have the advantage of being able to see incoming players, and due to the height of the roof it should give them cover if they are met by force. Basically the rooftop players are an early warning signal and get to take a few free shots before being discovered and backing off. The man in the building should be providing cover fire, only after the roof top players have been spotted. It is this players job to make sure he is shooting enough that the enemies take cover, allowing time for your rooftop players to reheal or run if need be. Now that the attention is drawn into the house your enemies, if still persistent should come into the compound expecting everyone to be in the house. At this point your player based outside should be hidden, but in a position where he can get recon (for example: 2 shotguns entering big house, an m4 going small house and pistol going shack) This gives his teammates an advantage. If he has a good weapon and is in a good position, he should wait for the enemy squad to pass, before spraying them from behind. From this, your outside player should hopefully get atleast two people down. As the remaining enemy players either turn around or dive for cover, your house player should also begin firing. At this point your roof players have a choice, shoot and risk being shot or throw grenades over the roof with minimal risk. Hopefully at this point if you have done it correctly, all of your team should be alive and now with a lot of loot.

Convoy of Cars

This is a personal favourite. Have your squad split into two, sometimes three, cars. If possible have your best driver in a motorbike, his job is to ride ahead and look for possible trouble. If he runs into contact he calls to the rest to either prepare for a fight if the motorbiker thinks they can win it without casualities or just avoid them. Worst comes to worst, the biker dies but your squad survives. Imagine if you had all be riding in one car going full speed into a trap… disaster. Now depending on how many cars you have, if you choose to take the fight, pull the cars round so that it makes a protective barrier. Some cover whilst letting hell loose from your guns. A tip for if only two people are in one car. Sit your passenger behind the driver (Press control 3 in most vehicles). This is better if you run into contact as now the driver can pull the car up sideways without a single person being exposed to the lethal gunfire. Remember as you use this convoy tactic, its not a good idea to look for kills this way – this is a play it safe, and try for end game the passive way. A downside of this tactic is that fuel could become an issue, so before doing this tactic stock up on atleast one fuel can per car.

End Game

Hopefully at this point your squad is still alive, and has plenty of loot. Only 20 players remain, you make up 20% of that. At this point I would suggest ditching the cars, their loud engines will give you away and will quickly get you killed. Remember, this is not like a solo end game. You need to be aware of spacing. Be prepared for a rain of grenades to be thrown in your direction. If you do not space yourselves out correctly, expect multiple deaths from just one grenade or spray down. At this phase you should split your medical supplies (if in a safe position to do so) and make sure everyone has enough ammo – there is no going back. From here, assess the situation, find an area where you have suitable cover if someone is to go down but also so that you can see the enemies incoming. I suggest not entering buildings as the circle will eventual push you away into an open field anyway. Opening doors immediatly gives away your position to everyone else. You no longer have the most important element of the end game, surprise.

Once you move into the top 15 or so players, if a teammate goes down and you think its slightly risky going for them. Do not go for them. It is better to have 3 players in the end game than 2. Enemies can be lurking anywhere, especially now that many players will have gained ghillie suits and snipers from supply drops. Even if you think it is safe, throw a few smoke grenades around the downed player – the enemies know where you are anyway by now so just improve your security as you go for the downed player.

This is where your teamwork is really put to the test. You must coordinate yourselves to deal with this one last squad standing in your way of your chicken dinner. If you have the advantage of players left alive, you may be best setting up a trade situation – as in they get one kill, however you will quickly get revenge. This works because you have more players, a loss to them is worth a lot more. Be aware of this tactic though, you must be able to trade or it was all for nothing.

After a long, tactiful battle hopefully by now you should have the famous words of “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” on your screen. At last, your hard work has paid off. You can hear the sound of screenshots being taken by your team in Discord – now to do it all again, good luck 😉

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