Killing Floor 2 – How to Unlock Lore Master and Botanica Arena’s (Elysium Map)

How to unlock and enter the Botanica and Lore Master Arenas on Killing Floor 2’s Elysium map.

Guide to Unlock and Enter

All credit goes to JackalTaco!


This guide is going to be a quick explanation on how to unlock and enter the Botanica and Lore Master arenas in the map Elysium. Once accessed during the ongoing event you will get the weekly challenge completed and some vault cash!

Botanica Arena

First, lets start off with the Botanica Arena as the chances of getting either arena are about equal. To simplify I will put this guide in steps. Also before I start I’d like to mention that KF2’s ‘Endless’ mode is best for accessing these areas as you have more time to do what you gotta do!

Step 1

On Endless mode you will enter a random arena every odd number of turns, play until you enter the Forest Arena (this is the arena with wooden cabins in the forest).

Step 2

Before killing the last zombie you have to find 3 frozen roses in this arena and their locations are as follows:

  • One in an outhouse toilet.
  • One in a garden near the caverns.
  • Last one is next to a dog house (kennel).

Step 3

Once you have these you want to wait to be teleported back to the Elysium arena and once there you put the roses in the coloured vases that are around the centre of the map.

Once you have done this Botanica will open, however, this part is important! Just because you have unlocked Botanica does not mean that will be the next arena you go to, it is still randomised so it’s a matter of chance – so keep playing until you get to the arena with the large tree in the middle.

It may be worth reading the next part as it’s possible to do both in the same endless match, just a matter of luck and skill to stay alive.

Lore Master Arena

As mentioned in the last part, it’s better to do this in Endless mode as you have more rounds and a better chance of gaining entry to these arenas.

Back to it mes amis!

Step 1

Keep playing the Elysium arena until you get to the Desert Arena – this is the one with all the sand!

Step 2

Once in the Desert Arena, you need to find all 4 tomes before you kill the last zombie! These look like glowing red books and are in the following locations:

  • One at the spawn location.
  • One in a pool.
  • One in a cave.
  • Last one is at the top of the ramp to the left.

Step 3

Once you have these you want to wait to be teleported back to the Elysium Arena. Once there you have to go to the pedestals and place all 4 tomes (Afterwards it will say “The Lore Master Knows!”).

Again you need to keep playing until you enter the Lore Master Arena as the arenas are still randomised. You’ll know when you get there: there’s a huge corpse giant in the middle of the arena.


This challenge was a ♥♥♥ to try and figure out on my own so I made use of the Killing Floor 2 Wiki page for the Elysium map. I do recommend bringing some friends along to do this with you though because teamwork is always a good way of surviving longer.

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