Don’t Starve Together – Giant Crops Plant Combos and General Farming Tips

This guide i will give you some tips for the new farming system wich was introduced in the reap what you sow update.

Tips and Combos to Farming

General Info

The new “Reap what you sow” Update brought us a new farming system where you can get giant crops, to get Giant crops your crops have to be happy.

You can see what they need with by upgrading a Gardeneer Hat in the ruins. (Wormwood doesnt need any Gardeneer Hat to see what the plants need).

  • They want to talk every grow stage. You can talk to every single one or you can also build music instruments like the One-man Band. Another way is the friendly fruit fly wich you will get after defeating the Lord of the Fruit Flies, it will talk to every plant and you dont need to do anything.
  • They need water. You can water them by crafting a watering can or using ice, they will also get watered by the rain. Every plant needs a different amount of water per Groth stage, Watermelon needs the most and pomegranate needs the 2nd most.
  • They need Family around. You need to plant at least 4 crops of the same Type together to get Giant Crops, but don’t plant too many or they will also get sad (and not giant).
  • They need Nutrients from the ground. There are 3 Types of nutrients Compost, Manure and Groth-Formula you can add them with fertilizers. The crops will all take a set amount per growth stage, but they will also add some of what they don’t use, this is how the Plant-Combos Work, so you will only have to talk to them and water them.

Note for the Combos: “or” means you have to choose one of the two crops, don’t mix them together since they wont be the same Crop-Type and won’t count as family.

Giant-Plant Combos for Spring

  • Carrot (Oblong Seeds) – Watermelon (Square Seeds).
  • Potato (Fluffy Seeds) or Eggplant (Swirly Seeds) – Toma Root (Spiky Seeds).
  • Carrot (Oblong Seeds) – Asparagus (Tubular Seeds) – Toma Root (Spiky Seeds).
  • Carrot (Oblong Seeds) – Corn (Clustered Seeds) – Potato (Fluffy Seeds) or Eggplant (Swirly Seeds).
  • Dragon Fruit (Bulbous Seeds) – Durian (Brittle Seed Pods) or Garlic (Seed Pods) – Onion (Pointy Seeds) or Pomegranate (Windblown Seeds).

Giant-Plant Combos for Summer

  • Watermelon (Square Seeds) – Onion (Pointy Seeds) or Pomegranate (Windblown Seeds).

Note: The Watermelons need to be double the amount of the Pomegranates/Onions.

  • Dragon Fruit (Bulbous Seeds) or Pepper (Lumpy Seeds) – Pomegranate (Windblown Seeds) or Onion (Pointy Seeds) – Garlic (Seed Pods).

If you choose in the 1st one Watermelons and Pomegranates you will have to water them much, because these two are the plants who need the most water.

Corn and Toma Root also like Summer, but there is no good combo for them.

Giant-Plant Combos for Autumn

  • Potato (Fluffy Seeds) or Eggplant (Swirly Seeds) – Toma Root (Spiky Seeds).
  • Garlic (Seed Pods) – Onion (Pointy Seeds) – Pepper (Lumpy Seeds).
  • Corn (Clustered Seeds) – Potato (Fluffy Seeds) or Eggplant (Swirly Seeds) – Pumpkin (Sharp Seeds) or Carrot (Oblong Seeds).

Giant-Plant Combos for Winter

  • Potato (Fluffy Seeds) – Asparagus (Tubular Seeds) – Carrot (Oblong Seeds) or Pumpkin (Sharp Seeds).

Note: Garlic likes all seasons but there is no good combo with garlic.

Written by Schnitzeltorte


  1. But what can you do with these giant crops? Accidentally made a bunch and i don’t know what use it is.

    • It just means it has to be the same type of Plant, so for example for the first autumn combo you need 4 Potatos and 4 Toma Roots planted together

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