Stellaris – How to Start on Any Planet Class You Want

How to start on any habitable planet class you want whilst being able to choose whatever origin you want. This is very broken so make sure its okay with the host if your using it in multiplayer. For example as a machine empire you can start on a machine world while using the prosperous unification origin. Basicly meaning you get the bonuses of a machine world and the bonuses of prosperous unification. And also some ideas on how to exploit this to full effect to create some truly overpowered empires.

How to Start on Any Planet Class

How to Do This

Okay. Before you do this make sure if your playing multiplayer it is okay with the host because this is very very broken. This is only for windows right now. But if your on another os you can probably find the directory for this. All you will need for this is a copy of stellaris and a text editor. Do this with stellaris closed as you would have to restart stellaris anyway.

  1. Go to (insert your user folder here)/documents/paradox interactive/stellaris
  2. Find user_empire_designs.txt i would recommend backing up this file.
  3. Open it with the text editor of your choosing.
  4. Find the name of the empire you want to change.
  5. Find “planet_class = (insert your specie’s planet class here)”.
  6. Change it to planet_class = (insert what planet class you want to change it to here).

Here is a reference table for different planet types you might want to start out on.

  • pc_gaia = gaia world
  • pc_machine = machine world
  • pc_city = eucemenopolis
  • pc_relic = relic world
  • pc_nuked = tomb world.
  • pc_hive = hive world

  • Save the file and launch stellaris.
  • Choose any origin you want while being able to start on a special planet class.
  • Profit.

Some OP Builds Using This

Okay. This is why you came here. These are some overpowered builds i have found using this. Keep in mind that if you get a planet class in this way 2 things will happen.

Your species will gain preference for that planet (if you start on a tomb world using this you get tomb world preference).

Your guaranteed habitable worlds will be this planet class. Albeit if your using a machine world as your starting planet it will be covered in very expensive blockers for whatever reason. But you can probably do some exploity stuff to make sure the blockers don’t take as much to clear. But that wont be covered here. And you get 2 free machine worlds once you clear the blockers. Also i havent tested any of these yet. These are just powerful based on what i know about the game.

The prosperous unification machine world lithoid driven assimilator of doom.

  • Starting planet: machine world.
  • Origin: Prosperous unification.
  • Civics: Rapid replicator, Driven assimilator.
  • Ethics: Gestalt conciousness.
  • Primary species traits: Efficent Processors, Mass Produced, Emotion Emulators, repourpused hardware, High bandwith.
  • Secondary species traits: Lithoid, Industrious, volatile exresions or ingenous, strong, Unruly, deviants.

Basically this is very very op. All of your lithoids have machine world preference. Meaning they can work on machine worlds as if they were normal planets. And because they are lithoids they have 50% habitability on other planets. On top of this they consume minerals insteald of food. Meaning you can have a simple economy. As food ony effects pop growth speed. And you can just population control all of the alien races you conquer. Volitile extressions is here so you can buy motes on the market and use the edict to make clearing blockers easier on your guaranteed machine worlds.. But if you dont care about that you can go with ingenous. Your lithoids will be your underclass workers while your robots will be generalists here. And you can robomod your robots to suit your planets. In adition you get the bonuses of a machine world and prosperous unification at the same time on your homeworld.