Press Any Button – How to Obtain All Achievements

This is a guide for unlocking all of the achievements in this game.

100% Achievements Guide

Thank You for Playing With Me

  • Description: Complete my game.
  • What to do: Simply complete the game – unmissable.

You’ve Been Challenged Enough

  • Description: Go through all challenges, having 2 lives only.
  • What to do: When A-Eye is asking you about the hearts click on the red side, indicating that you do not need more than 2 hearts. This achievement will unlock later after you completed the game with those 2 hearts only.

It’s Quite an Achievement!

  • Description: Find something I had no intention to hide.
  • What to do: When A-Eye talks about columns and easter eggs answer two times in a row with green.

You Know Your Sport

  • Description: Juggle a ball 20 times in a row.
  • What to do: After A-Eye introduces balls simply place a block under and above the ball to make it bounce between them. After 20 bounces this achievement will unlock.

What are You Trying to Achieve?

  • Discription: Make me dizzy.
  • What to do: After A-Eye mentions that you can change the game from windowed to fullscreen by hitting F4 simply spam F4 at some point, where A-Eye is talking to you. This will make A-Eye dizzy and unlock this achievement!

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