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Second Extinction - Jurgen Build Guide

Written by aStarfruit   /   Jan 8, 2021    

A Second Extinction build guide with the character Jurgen. Solo and Co-Op Insane difficulty viable. Quite possibly the strongest build in the game at the moment.

Guide to Jurgen Build

What Can This Build Do?

Anything you can throw at it. This build has been put through long hours of extract farming in expedition on Insane difficulty and every mission available currently on Insane difficulty.

Why Jürgen

The reason Jürgen is the character of choice is because of his two skills, Mask Scent and Satchel Charge. Mask Scent lets you take a stim shot to heal yourself without the threat of enemies attacking you while your Satchel Charge can be used to 1 shot Flatbacks or vaporize a large radius of raptors (This includes the alpha raptor). Mask Scent also applies to allies which makes Jürgen a great solo and Co-Op character.

The Loadout

Primary: The Carbine Rifle

The bread and butter of this build. The main two perks are explosive rounds and resourcefulness. These two perks paired together will give you essentially infinite ammo, 1 explosive shot will kill small raptors instantly while resourcefulness will return a bullet to your mag for free after killing an enemy. This is a very strong weapon and will make quick work of literally anything, taking out Flatbacks, Bulls and Alpha Raptors in very few hits.

Secondary: The Revolver

The First Build: My favorite of the two builds. This Revolver build packs immense DPS output as well as fun. Hair Trigger lets you spam your LMB as fast as you want essentially giving this gun an uncapped fire rate. You must hipfire but the accuracy on the Revolver lets it do just that.

The Second Build

More of a support build but still very good. This Revolver build is centered around your primary weapon. Idle Hands will refill your entire primary weapon's magazine upon landing a critical hit kill. Pair it with Quick Draw and after switching to the Revolver, it will do critical damage for a few seconds.


Thumper. A solo's best friend. It pulls the aggro of nearby raptors and sends them flying every 1.5~ seconds. The knock back only works on the small dinos but the Thumper will pull the aggro of every dino in its range.

Disclaimer: You need to be level 9+ to get the Thumper unlocked. It fills the supply drop slot.

As for everything else, the health stim and any throwable is fine. My two favorite ones to take are the ammo pack and cluster grenade. The ammo pack gives you crazy sustainability in an area without ammo and the cluster grenade lets you wipe out dinos taunted by the Thumper if you want to save your Satchel Charge.


As for how to play this build. First off place your Thumper down in the center of the area you're planning to hold. The Thumper will pull the aggro of any nearby dinos and keep small dinos stunned. You can spam Satchel Charge to wipe out the raptors quickly or spam Explosive Rounds from the Carbine Rifle. Killing will refill your Mask Scent skill, it does not take many kills to fill it up. The cooldown timer on the Thumper is the same as the duration its up; so as soon as your Thumper is gonna leave, you can place another one. This is where you activate Mask Scent to hide yourself while your Thumper sets up. Then you rinse and repeat. Happy Hunting!

Author's Notes

Now this loadout is in my opinion the strongest in the game and I do have a fair share of experience though there may be a stronger one out there. Currently I can't find anything that competes in damage.

Written by aStarfruit.