Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp – Aaravi Secret Plotline Guide

The secret plotline guide to beating Aaravi’s (and, yours) inner demons!

Guide to Aaravi Secret Plotline


One of Aaravi’s plotlines is to face her own mistakes and make amends to the ones who she has wronged. This plotline can only be unlocked through the Flask Genie, a special drink in the game that unlocks a secret plotline for each character.

Not sure how to beat it? No problem! Here’s a simple guide how.

Starting Up the Adventure

First, you need to drink the Flask Genie after you meet with Juan, or as I like to call it, “Drinking Time” (the event after the campfire). This is a special drink featured within the game that’s only during “Drinking Time”.

Next, you just choose a spot. Any spot. Afterwards, you’ll be thrown into the plotline with Aaravi talking to her therapist, Norah.


First Interaction

  • Soccer Game = Fun.
  • Tycoon = Smarts.

Second Interaction

  • You literally don’t have to do anything except for pressing Enter/Space/Whatever button you use for advancing dialogue. Do not press F/Whatever button is used to skip said dialogue. You’ll be kicked out of the plotline.

Third Interaction

  • Conscience points/”Improved Self Esteem(TM)” = Charm.
  • Look up Wesley’s weaknesses = (Unknown at this current time).

The Aftermath

After that, you choose Aaravi as your summer date! And that’s all you need to do!

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