Satisfactory – How to Get the Xeno Basher

Guide to Get the Xeno Basher

If your wanting to kill enemies much better or you want to impress your friends you come to the right place.

This is a lot of important stuff alright I put a lot of dang things so if your Super New then your going to suffer.


If you don’t have Smart Plating then you need it right now because the weapon is unlock at Tier 4.

How to get tier 1 and 2

Complete Tier 0 that is all I guess?

How to get Smart Plating

Click on Tier 2 and click the milestone that says Part Assembly.

How to make Smart Plating

I don’t know if your new to the game like I am but you can’t craft Smart Plating in the Crafting table or Workshop you can only make it with a Assembler.

How to get the Assembler

Same thing to get Smart plating go to Tier 2 and click the milestone Part Assembly.

How to make the Assembler

The Assembler cost 8 Reinforce Iron plates, 4 Rotors, and 10 Cables.

How to get rotors

the 3rd time you get it from Tier 2 and click the Milestone Part Assembly.

How to make Smart Plating

1 Reinforced Iron Plates, and 1 Rotor, you need 50x that for your Space Elevator.

How to make power

Make a Generator then connect a Cable and then drag it into the Assembler.

How to get the Space Elevator

Please follow this if you did not build it so it cost 500, concrete 250 iron plates, 400 iron rods, and 1500 wires, no I’m not kidding this is 100% true.

How to get tier 3 and 4

Go to your Space Elevator if you have 50 Smart Platings.


So go to Tier 4 and click the Milestone Improve Melee Combat so the Milestone cost 25 Rotors, 50 Reinforce Iron Plates, 1500 Wires, and 200 Cables.

How to make the Xeno Basher

You will need 5 Modular Frames, 2 Xeno Zappers, 25 Cables, and 500 Wires once you have all of that go craft it in the Workshop


You can get Modular Frames from The Milestone Part Assembly.

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