Final Fantasy IX – How to Obtain Let the Bodies Hit the Floor III Achievement

I’ve gathered and compiled all the information to take on the worst achievement invented for all you trying to 100% the game out there.

Guide to Get Let the Bodies Hit the Floor III Achievement


There are a couple ways to approach this achievement. You may want to use boosters and macros, overpower your party and start grinding in Disc 4, or maybe you want to get started on grinding early with a weaker party. I wrote this guide with these varied approaches in mind. I’ll go over a basic setup for the overpowered and cheaters, but also setups for those who have weaker parties. I’ll also go over the best locations to farm kills, a cheat/macro guide, and the things that might be getting in the way of the achievement counting.

Party Setup

This entire setup section is pretty much extraneous if you have a high-level party or are using Boosters. The enemies you will be fighting are so weak, they won’t stand a chance against you. Just use your highest damage dealers, give them Auto-Regen and Auto-Haste, and you should be set. Of course, you can still use tips from this section if you’re deadset on overkilling your enemies and shaming them for their weakness.


Generally, I would recommend using characters with the highest physical attack damage and HP. This should include Zidane, Steiner, Freya, and Amarant (possibly Quina if you use them a lot). If you have a weaker party and are struggling with taking damage, you can use healing magic from Freya, Quina, and Amaranth, OR replace your weakest character with Dagger or Eiko to heal/buff your party. You can also use Vivi if you’re doing battles manually and his magic overpowers your physical attackers.


For everyone, you’ll want these abilities:

  • Auto-Regen
  • Auto-Haste
  • Auto-Reflect
  • Auto-Life

These are what you’ll need to keep your party from falling apart. Auto-Haste will also speed up the process a lot. If you don’t have Auto-Regen, use Auto-potion and Restore HP. You might also need to use manual healing. Also, if you have a stronger party, you may not need Reflect and Life, but they’re there if you have extra ability gems. If your party still has leftover gems, you can use them on abilities such as Level Up, Ability Up, and Millionaire if you need them.

For your fighters, you’ll want these abilities:

  • HP+10/20%
  • Long Reach
  • Counter
  • Eye 4 Eye
  • MP Attack
  • Undead Killer
  • Bug Killer

These are here to improve your damage output if you aren’t using boosters, plus Long Reach will decrease the damage your party takes. Just don’t forget to put everyone in the back row! Leftover points can be put into:

  • Add Status
  • Alert
  • Initiative
  • Accuracy+
  • Distract
  • Gamble Defense
  • Return Magic

These aren’t super pertinent, just something to spend points on if you have a surplus.

If you have squishier healers in your party, you may want to give some of you fighters Cover and/or Protect Girls. For the healers themselves, you may want these abilities:

  • Concentrate
  • Half MP
  • Reflect-Null
  • MP+20/10%

These will make it easier to use them as healers. Another optional ability is Odin’s Sword for Dagger so she can deal more damage if she has downtime.

If you do opt to have Vivi in your party, you can use:

  • Half MP
  • Reflectx2
  • MP+20%
  • Return Magic


it isn’t necessary to worry about your equipment unless your party is still pretty weak. The only enemies I’ve encountered at the optimal location are Skeletons and Hornets, so I’ll recommend weapons and armor based on their attacks and weaknesses.

Defensive Equipment Abilities

The only attack you may have to worry about is the thunder spell used by skeletons. If you don’t have Auto-Reflect, just give your characters one piece of equipment that has Absorbs Lightning Elem-Atk or Elem-Def: Lightning damage reduced by 50%.

Offensive Equipment Abilities

The Skeletons are weak to Fire, Holy, and Healing. So, naturally you should armor that has Raises Fire/Holy Elem-Atk. Hornets are weak to Thunder and Wind, so use armor that Raises Thunder/Wind Elem-Atk.

Aside from these, just use the best weapons and armor you have. Add Status weapons are up to personal preference.


Battle Location

The objectively best place to farm kills is in Gizamaluke’s Grotto. It has weak enemies that die in one hit and won’t inflict status debuffs. Macros function well here. The location is still available on Disc 4. And most importantly, Battles with 3 or 4 enemies spawn frequently.

The best place, and the place this guide was written in consideration for, is here:

Battle Strategy

Just wail on your enemies with the attack command. Heal/buff with your healers (or use Freya: Reis’s Wind; Amaranth: Chakra, Aura, Revive; or Quina: Mighty Guard, White Wind). If you don’t need healing you can use eidolons or healing magic to attack. If you have Vivi, use multi-cast to end battles quickly. If all your party members have Reflect and Vivi has Reflectx2, you can multi-cast on your party members for added damage. If your party ever runs low on HP or MP, you can run just run to the moogle here to Tent and Save:

And that’s pretty much all there is to it.

Boosters and Macros

Now, if you just wanna get this achievement in the easiest and most efficient way possible (can’t say I blame you), then I’ll go over the Macros and Boosters you can use.


The program I used to create and run my macro is the JitBit Macro Recorder. You can find the download link on their website.

You can complete the achievement during the trial period, which I believe is 30 days.

You’ll need a program of you running back and forth looped. The macro will also need the include some presses of the x key to get through the battle end screens. You can make your own, or copy mine. It may need edited if you have custom controls set up.


Your options include:

  • Increase Speed with F1
  • 9999 Damage with F3
  • Master Abilities with F5
  • Lv/Mag stone Max with F6
  • Auto-Battle with V

Master Abilities and Lv/Mag stone Max are permanent, so don’t turn them on if you don’t wanna ruin your game. 9999 Damage should be enough if you already have the abilities and health pool you need. Do not activate Auto-Trance (F2). The animations will slow down your battle. Also do not activate no encounters (F4). This is self-explanatory.


Now, just go stand in the aforementioned location in Gizamaluke’s Grotto and turn on your Boosters and Macro. Now you can let the program run for a while. This will take several hours. You can check your achievement progress on Steam. Make sure to Save and Tent if necessary.

Alternate A

If you can’t/don’t want to use a macro , you can connect a controller, put a rubber band on the analog stick, and press x manually at the end of battles.

Alternate B

There is another place I believe would be optimal to grind, but it’s only viable if you’re using Boosters. Also I haven’t tested it. After the Boss Battle in Evil Forest with Plant Brain, an infinite number or Plant Spiders will chase you. These battles will have 2-4 spiders, so it’s a good place to grind. before you kill the boss, use F6 to max your character levels/ ability stones, turn on the 9999 damage booster with F3, then heal at the spring, and you should be strong enough to grind for a while. Plus, you can use Garnet or the potions dropped by the enemies to heal.


Sometimes the achievement doesn’t activate when you think it should. Here are some possible causes.

All 10,000 must be on the same save file.

That means if you start a new game, or play on an older file, you’ll start a whole new kill counter.

Macros and Cheats increase your chances of crashing.

If the game crashes or gets stuck, you’ll lose your kill counter progress. To combat this, your progress checks should be accompanied by saving your game.

The steam achievement counter will not reset, it will only show the highest you kill counter has ever reached.

So if you’re using a new file, or your game has crashed, the steam achievement progress won’t be reflective of your actual kill count.

With all that in mind, I hope the process of grinding for 15-30 hours is a little bit easier and less confusing.

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