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YIIK: A Postmodern RPG - Guide for the Average Pog Collector

Written by Hellkrai   /   Jan 11, 2021    

This is the guide to getting your hands on the 10 coolest pogs out there in the mysterious land of New Jersey.

Average Pog Collector Guide

Bookshelf Pog

A staple in any self respecting collector's library. A particularly shiny piece that can be found in the pages of history. You might find it's quite a novel pog.

Dumpster Pog

Considered a worthless, garbage pog, this pog helps round out the collection. Without trash pogs like this the others don't nearly hold their value. This pog has been so mass produced the factory that makes them are practically throwing them away right after making them.

777 Pog

Some say it's the luckiest pog you can find. A marketing gimmick pog that honestly shouldn't be as valuable as it is, but it was only available at select stores. So grab a Large Gulp slushy and your very own pog in Windtown.

Forest Pog

The pog in it's natural habitat, this elusive creature hides within the mysterious forest surrounding Frankton. Few have seen it, even fewer have dared to try capturing it.

Some say it can only be found by someone with a stylish hair flip. Others say you should probably cut your hair.

Commemorative Pog

A commemorative pog representing the love a New Jersey mall had for its mall walkers. This pog is highly collectible, mostly because grandmas don't know how cool pogs are and throw them out.

Airwaves Pog

This is the peak of pog perfection. This pog advertises the, now abandoned, Fankton radio tower.

Rumor has it if you tune your radio to the right station you can still hear things being broadcast from it.

Stalactite Pog

You can find this pog hanging around in the Mountain Cave of Mt.Town. Really it should be called the "Stalagmite Pog" because you might find it on the ground, but then we must ask were the pogs named from where they are or where they're from?

Maze Pog

An outstanding piece that few have it leaves many puzzled. It's performance as a slammer has really made it a flagship in any collection.

The Impossible Pog

It's a pog that's on the collectors list, but no one knows where it came from. It has japanese writing on it. Probably a knock off, but some collectors love those.

Rare Collectible Pog

Probably the most sought after pog. Some people even sell it at a high price to re-sellers. My roommate said I was crazy to spend $150 on a piece of cardboard, but he never really understood the value of pogs.

Written by Hellkrai.