Dishonored 2 – How to Obtain Royal Spymaster Achievement

A short guide detailing the locations of all the lore collectibles found aboard the Dreadful Whale that are required for the Royal Spymaster achievement. These must be collected before leaving the ship at the start of each mission and they must also all be collected in a single playthrough.

Royal Spymaster Achievement Guide

Mission 2 – The Edge of the World

  • Limited Resources – Pinned to the cabin door when you collect your crossbow.
  • Trying to fix the secondary engine – Atop a control panel in the ships engine room. This is the ships lowest deck.
  • Sokolov’s Notes: Bloodfly Study – Pass through the main room with the evidence board to Sokolov’s cabin and this will be on a crate to your right.
  • Anton Sokolov’s Abduction – The audiograph is right ahead of you as you enter Sokolov’s cabin.
  • Anton Sokolov’s investigation Notes – Book on the bed in Sokolov’s Cabin.
  • Dreadful Whale Accounting – Found on a bedside table in the ships bridge. This is the ships uppermost deck.

Mission 4 – The clockwork Mansion

Meagan foster’s Notebook – Found on a bedside table in the ships bridge.

Mission 5 – The Royal Consevatory

  • Trip to the Markets – Turn right when entering the main room and this will be on a table outside the galley.
  • Anton Sokolov’s Diary – Started Painting Again – On a crate beside the painting of Delilah in the main room.
  • Meagan Foster’s Notebook – On the bed in the ships bridge.

Mission 6 – Dust District

  • Note from Meagan to Sokolov – In the ship’s head, found at the top of the stairs down to the engine room.
  • Anton Sokolov Diary – The Gears of Time – On the bed in Sokolov’s cabin.
  • Searching for Aramis Stilton – Audiograph on the bedside table in the ships bridge.

Mission 8 – The Grand Palace

  • Decisions – On the floor in Sokolov’s cabin in front of the Bloodfly tank.
  • Losing Deidre… – On the bedside table in the ships bridge.

Mission 9 – Death to the Empress

  • Letter to Billie Lurk – On the bedside table in the ships bridge.
  • Daud on Delilah – Audiograph in the locked cabin in the main room. Pickpocket the key from Meagan for access.
  • Meagan Foster’s Notebook – Next to the previous audiograph in the locked cabin.
  • Life on Sea – Audiograph on a table in the workshop. Just outside of the door to Sokolov’s cabin.


The audiograph about Sokolov’s abduction is the only item you get a second chance at collecting if missed as it also present during Mission 4. Reading the journal in the locked cabin will also unlock the Years Ago, Another Time achievement.

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