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Amorous - How to Date Zenith (Walkthrough)

Written by the normal nots upside   /   Jan 12, 2021    

A walkthrough on how to date Zenith.

Zenith Dating Walkthrough Guide

Act 1: Getting His Number

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Make small talk.
  • Call it off.
  • Politely decline.
  • Stop him.
  • Humor him.
  • Humor him (again).
  • Change the subject.
  • Talk about him.
  • Change the subject.

Act 2: First Date

  • Show my ID this is my local range to.
  • Wait for him.
  • Snap out of it.
  • Dismiss it.
  • Compliment.
  • Let it be.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Let the truth come out.
  • Suggest Jason stops.
  • Ask about the incident Jason mentioned.

Act 3: Second Date

  • Hang out.
  • Step in besides him.
  • Snuggle against him.
  • As long as you're happy I'm happy.
  • Ask about the accident.
  • Sit and listen.
  • Hug him.
  • Kiss him.
  • I'd like that.
  • I'll call you soon.

Act 4: Third Date

  • Of course.
  • Red roses.
  • I kind of love you.
  • Keep it simple and honest.
  • Casual.
  • Shirt and pants.
  • It's a bit too strong.
  • To new love.
  • Invite him upstairs (OWO).
  • I love you.
  • Congratulations you did it.

Act 5: Optional Fourth Date

Zenith and the Player are at the beach, when Zenith offers the Player a job at Club Amorous. The date ends with the Player contemplating about working at Amorous and moving in with Zenith, ending the game with the Player's final dialogue, "Let's go home, Zenith... Let's at least practice that part."

Note: after this final date you will be able to access his extra sex scene.

Game:   Amorous