#Archery – 100% Achievements Guide

Most achievements are for grinding different mini-games & modes, some achievements require skill. ~20 hours

How to Obtain All Achievements


Note: Achievements & stats update after exiting the game.

Spent money

  • Thank you for purchasing the game!
  • Unlocks for starting the game.

The following 3 modes pictured below are the only ones required for the achievements.

Paper Delivery Mode

You can use your keyboard to instantly start the mini-games after starting the paper route so don’t worry about those achievements yet, focus on getting Perfect Delivery & Michael Bay.

Perfect Delivery

  • Deliver newspaper to all mailboxes.
  • Hit all 28 mailboxes. None are hidden or hard to find, some are far away at the end.

Michael Bay

  • Blow stuff up!
  • Hit 4 outhouses on the paper route.

Shortly after your car turns left onto the dirt road look to your right to find the first 3 outhouses, then just down the road you will find the last outhouse on the same side behind a white house.

Hotkeys to Instantly Start Minigames After Starting the Paper Route

Cheats (on keyboard)

  • B: Starts the Basketball mini-game.
  • S: Starts the Shooting mini-game.
  • F: Starts the Fishing mini-game.
  • M: Starts the Whac-A-Mole mini-game.

These can only be used once per round, trying them again will softlock your character in place.

Ball Handler

  • Score 10 throws in a game.
  • Timing is really tight on this one, you can score by hitting the bottom of the net (Skill).


  • Hit 42 targets in a game.
  • Accuracy is key here, try not to miss and plan your reloads (Skill).


  • Catch 234 fishes.
  • Fishing rod works best, you can get about +15 fish per round (Grind).


  • Hit 777 Moles.
  • Hover the Mallet over the holes, You can get about +30 moles per round (Grind).

Pizza Mode

Master Chef

  • Complete 1024 pizzas.
  • Pizzas require 2-4 toppings, complete pizzas by adding all of the required toppings.

Pizzas will start to move faster as you gain more points and this mode will wear you out quickly.

Ice Cream Stand Mode

Sugar Rush!

  • Hit 4096 kids with delicious ice cream!
  • Hit the first wave of 8 kids then restart the round, this is much quicker than respawns.

By far the longest grind in the game, This is where you will be spending most of your time.

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