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Cruelty Squad - Unlocking Secret Items

Written by crazyjaydon   /   Jan 19, 2021    

Somewhere in the world, these items are waiting for you.

Where to Find and How to Unlock Secret Items

Items List

A list of all the current unlockable items and their levels:

  • Icaros Machine - Found in Paradise.
  • Cursed Torch - Found in Paradise.
  • CSIJ Level IIB Body Armor - Found in Mall Madness.
  • Hazmat Suit - Found in Bog Business.


Paradise (As of now) is currently the level with the most secret items hidden within it, you will find two of our items we need to find here.

Icaros Machine

The Icaros Machine is a leg augmentation that grants the player an incredibly high jump bonus. This item is particularly useful for getting to places that're typically hard to reach much faster and efficiently, which makes it ideal for speedrunning in certain levels.

However this item does not exclude falling damage, the downside to this item is that you may need to be careful as to not sustain too much damage whilst using it.

To obtain this secret, we will require to perform some advanced demolition techniques. Make sure you have the Rocket Launcher and Tactical Blast Shield item equipped.

Once you start the level, head towards the right path where you will see a unique looking tower with spikes extruding from its sides.

To perform a rocket jump, you will need to aim downwards and jump at the same time you shoot - this will give you a massive boost in the air which is what we need to reach this item.

We need to get inside the opening in the top bit, you will need to perform two rocket jumps to reach here. One at the bottom to reach the platform below the entrance, and another on the platform towards the entrance.

As you enter the room, the item should be on the table here.

Cursed Torch

The Cursed Torch is a mysterious augmentation that attaches itself to the player's arm. The item emits a pulsing red light around the player which acts as a light source the player can use without needing the flashlight - this means you won't have need to take up a weapon space to see in dark areas.

The item also has some numerous strange side effects as well:

  • The item will halve the player's health count to 50 on spawn, however this item does not restrict the amount maximum of health the player has as they can still use health items to replenish their life back to 100.
  • To make up for halving the player's health on spawn, killing enemies can replenish your health by one point each - This makes for a very handy item when coupled with the regenerative abilities that enable you to eat corpses afterwards for another point of health as well.
  • Using the Cursed Torch also guarantees the chance of rare enemies to spawn throughout the levels.

To obtain this item, we will need to enter the catacombs located from under the level. You will also need a flashlight to see as this area is pitch black.

To the left of the spawn, enter the green house and find the basement at the back of it.

Note: There is also an alternative entrance to the basement over the fence around the side of the house.

You should be able to find the basement entrance, which looks like this.

In the basement, you'll find a door that looks exactly like this. To gain pass through it, you'll need a Divine Link established to your character - you can tell whether you have this active from the white and red border around your screen.

If you do not have a Divine Link, you can get it by beating any incomplete level on Punishment mode or by using the Divine Link Room around the starting area in the level Archon Grid.

As soon as you go through this door, walk through the hallway and head left once you reach the end of it.

Head to the far end of this hallway as well and take another left, you should see two enemies here.

On the wall to your right is a secret passage, you will be able to find this from the indents on the wall in the shape of a doorway - you must walk through this.

Inside you will find a giant hole, head inside here but beware as the water below is toxic.

As you fall in, land on the beams safely.

At the bottom, you should find this doorway. Head through here.

At the end of this room is a table, this is where our Cursed Torch will be. Pick up the item from the table to obtain it.

Mall Madness

Within Mall Madness, you will find one of the secret items here.

CSIJ Level IIB Body Armor

This is a simple body augmentation that grants the player 15% armor, it is considerably light and thus doesn't reduce the player's speed compared to most of the purchasable armors.

This is useful during the early on in the game, however it is quickly made redundant later once you unlock most of the late-game armors and items.

This item is fairly easy to obtain, and requires no specific equipment to reach it.

After you exit the bathroom at the start of the level and enter one of the main parts of the mall, you will need to move along the top here towards the big opening ahead.

Once here, head on down to the escalators on the right as to not alert any of the giant police mechs.

Go through the passage located behind these escalators too, and follow the wall along to your left.

You should then be here without alerting any of the guards.

Head inside the game store and go upstairs from in there.

You will need to find a store on the second floor here labelled Plant Heaven, this is where our secret item is located.

Within the store are some plant enemies below, you are going to have to dispatch of them.

Located in the far left corner here should be the item we are looking for.

Bog Business

The last of the secret items is located here, in Bog Business.

Hazmat Suit

The Hazmat Suit is a body augmentation that grants the player complete immunity to toxins, this includes environmental hazards as well as even shielding the player from toxic enemies like Fleshrats.

This item is possible to obtain without the use of any specific equipment, however speed techniques such as bunny hopping are recommended to get through the bog as quickly as possible since you will be taking plenty of damage from toxins here.

As soon as you start off in the level, we are facing towards the direction we need to go. You are going to need to head onto the platform with the enemy and tree on it.

Keep heading straight forward from here, you will have to step inside the toxic water so you will have to start bunny hopping here.

There's also a small platform to your left with some blue and yellow berries, eat these to replenish health and cure your toxins.

The next platform you see from here will have two enemies behind the tree, dispatch of both of these and keep heading forward towards another platform that you will find to your left.

There will also be some berry bushes here.

Once on this platform, look behind and you will see a small crevice against the edge of the map right next to left of the platform we were previously on with the two enemies.

You will have to go through here.

Be careful as you enter here; as in front of you will be plenty of dogs, a plant and a sniper.

At the end of here will be another small platform with a table, this is where our Hazmat Suit will be.

Written by crazyjaydon.

Game:   Cruelty Squad