The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonca and Pizzaboy – Complete Walkthrough Guide

Guide to Walkthrough


We begin with a bit of a tutorial. Start by practicing your combining skills, and light the molotov cocktail with your lighter. Use the lit cocktail on the moving truck.

Next, we get an intro to the interrogation system. Generally speaking, when we interrogate, we get three questions, and each question leads to three options, one of which will lead you to the correct information.

  • Ask if she is in danger -> confront
  • Who brought her here? -> tease
  • ask about job -> empathize

Answer the phone when prompted and off we go to a new location.

Hotel Romero

Head inside to meet dog. Go downstairs and grab the toy truck. Back upstairs, grab the embalmed cat from the top of the piano. Combine the two of these in your inventory to get remote contol cat.

Use your new toy on the guard dog, and go upstairs. Walking into room 419, use the lever by the side of the bed to free dog.

Things go wrong, and you are locked in. Grab the hook just below the lever. Jump through the window now that things downstairs are nice and cushiony, and walk back around to the hotel lobby. Dog is missing, so off we go to chinatown.


We get a taser automatically. Grab the candle on the table to the left and leave. Grab the chain hanging just to the right of the guard.

Head east into the alleyway and grab the pile of bandages here, near the heap of takeaway cartons. We don’t keep the bandages, but we do get some matches. Return left.

Visit the fireworks vendor. Repeatedly use your matches on him, eventually you will get black powder. Go left again.

Use the mouth icon on the black pepper hanging on the scale. You get chalk and white powder. Take the old brick from the well. Dip the candle into the vat of oil for a sticky candle, and then use this on the sack of cinnamon for scented candle. Finally, talk to the man on the left for noodles; he wants us to deliver them to the alleyway.

Back in the alleyway, use the noodles on the trash heap to set a trap. A secret panel is revealed. Use the white powder on it. The code is 183.

Enter the secret room. The invisible man immediately starts taunting you. Grab his laundry from the basket on the back wall and use it to clog the sink. When you turn it on, he becomes visible. Taze him, bro. This leads to another interrogation.

  • Ask about Dog -> Let Pazuul handle it
  • Ask about corpse -> Press him
  • Ask why he was there -> let him speak

We still have a few items to clean up, go to the antique store. Talk to the shopkeep and trade your brick for the silver chain. Take the book. Before leaving, combine the book with the other chain in your inventory and put it back. Leave, and then pull the chain through the window from the outside for spellbook.

Hotel Romero Part 2

We are back at the hotel, and in quite a pinch: we are a ghost, and our body has been stolen. In this form, we are restricted to only one item at a time in the inventory. We are given a hammer.

Leave, and use the hammer on the car hood to drive the thief further into the building.

Go back to the graveyard, and trade the hammer with the gangster ghost on the left, he gives you his tv remote.

Enter the hotel, and we are thrown into a battle minigame against the ghost of a boxer. It’s pretty easy, and it’s a timing-based minigame using the z and x keys on the keyboard. Wait until he pulls back and dodge, and then when the boxer misses you, follow up with a quick jab. 5 Hits and he goes down.

The ghost of the dog from earlier is preventing us from going upstairs again. Use the remote on the tv. Select channel 1, and the dog will warp into the tv. Select channel 3, and the boxer will also warp into the tv. They will begin to fight, leaving you free to roam.

Go back to the graveyard and exchange your remote with the man again to get your hammer back. Go downstairs and bonk the thief over the head; his ghost emerges. We need to fight the ghost. Unfortunately, the fight is much tougher this time, as he has more health and the timing is a lot tighter. You seriously only get a few frames of warning before he strikes, he moves very fast.

The strategy that works best for me in this fight is, for each round, count to three and then begin spamming the dodge button; usually with this timing you will already be in mid-dodge when the dude strikes, leaving you clear to follow up with a punch. With this strategy, I was able to beat him while only taking two hits.

After winning the fight, he is sucked into the furnace. Go back outside and exchange your hammer with the sophisticated lady ghost. She gives you gum.

Go upstairs and enter the bathroom on the right. Give your gum to the man, and get a plank in return. Use the plank on the gum which is now floating inside his head, and the plank gets sticky. Use the sticky plank to get the wrench out of his stomach.

The wrench is used to tighten the radiator downstairs; this blows up the upstairs radiator, and we gain access to the locked rooms. Enter the newly opened room, and use the wrench on the planks. When prompted, use the hand icon on the wall, and you will move next door. Time for another interrogation.

  • Ask About Acting Career -> Ask About Dog And Nadia -> Confront – > “By that name”
  • Ask About Curse -> Tease -> “Cause of death”
  • Ask About Visitors -> Empathize -> “Number”

Theme Park

Now we are off to a theme park. Go inside and grab an umbrella from the stand as well as a postcard. Head right to the roller coaster area.

Speak to the witch here and learn that she wants coffee. Ride the coaster. When the coaster gets to the top, quickly use the umbrella on the attendant holding the brass ring; if you do it right, you will get the brass ring. Leave, and go to the food court area.

Take the oil from the salad stall. Try to get a coffee from the stall next door, but the stall operator is only selling to employees. Optionally, you can go get a badge from your friend outside and try it, but it does not work. We need the badge from the smoking mascot to the left.

Talk to the mascot and he wants a present for his gf that is cute and personalized. Combine the brass ring and chain in your inventory, and then add the postcard for a locket.

Go inside. This is a big area, but be sure to grab the compass from the hands of one of the figures to the far right, and copper wire from the workshop to the left (just to the left of the bench vice). Back outside, the mascot is gone, and we can get our brass ring back as he has left it behind. Present the badge to the barista for coffee.

Return to the witch and give her the coffee. She tells you how to make a magic compass, but says we are too boring to do a reading on.

Now, go back to the food court area and speak to the mentalist. Ask him if he can change who you become, and select the man in the costume. Next, ask to change the trigger word, and select spirits I command.

Return to the witch again and demand another reading. With your new personality, she gives you a dire prediction and access to three spells which you can use to solve your problems. We will use these spells to win the three carnival games.

Asking her to save your job gives your hands an electrical charge. Walk behind the shooting booth and wrap the structure in copper wire. Shock it by touching it for an electromagnet. Walk around front and win the shooting game.

Asking her to save your health will give you super strength. Use your oil to grease the bell-ringing game, and then play it to win.

Asking her to save your relationship will give you a super warm touch. Go grab the jelly bean jar in the food court area and they all melt; you will win the counting game.

Use your three tokens in the fortune telling machine near the witch. You will get a movie ticket.

Combine the ring with the compass to get a magic compass. Head left to the maze area. Head inside the maze. For this puzzle, pay attention to which symbol the compass needle lands on, and then walk through the door with the matching symbol above it. This will eventually lead us to a theatre.


Speak to the bouncer, and he will not let you in. Speak to the shark-man and get card. Open the crate to the left with the umbrella, you get blueberries and a clever disguise. Enter the casino and enter the door on the left. It’s interrogation time.

  • What Have You Done -> Threaten Overtly
  • What Happens -> Threaten Overtly

In this room, use your olive oil on the knocker to get a ring. Back outside, speak to the receptionist for a chisel. Head past the guard to the left, and through the door in the back here to get to a boxing ring.

You will be put into an unwinnable fight situation, so just lose, and then grab the gloves from the edge of the ring. Use the chisel on the knocker here to get a second ring.

Leave the casino, and grab a third ring from the knocker to the right of the bouncer using the protective gloves. Also, speak to the shark man a few more times to get some more cards. We need a full hand.

Speak to the bouncer to reenter the casino and go down the hallway to the right to meet a magician. Ask the magician about the trick with the rings. When you get a chance, swap your set of three rings with his. Give these to the large guard in the previous room, and he will crush them in his meaty hands, leaving you will silver brass-knuckles.

On your way back to the boxing ring, speak to the gamblers on the left. Wait for one of them to place his cards on the table, and quickly swap his stack with your business cards. He gets in trouble, and is detained. Head through to the boxing ring , and with the silver knuckles in your inventory, you can easily beat the man here in the fighting minigame.

Next, go to detention room #2. We need to swap places with our unfortunate fall guy. Speak to him until you get the option to be nice. Then, hand him your blueberries. We switch places, and there is a repeat of the fighting minigame. In the next phase of the fight, look for a “mustache” hotspot and rip it off when you are able to.

In the next scene, we have a dialogue tree puzzle, but there doesn’t seem to be any wrong answers, so just go wild.


Speak to the villain until you get a chance to ask for some water, and wiggle around a bit. Eventually, you will be freed.

We need to assist dog. The idea of this puzzle is to recreate the same sequence we used earlier in the game to cross to the spirit world.

In the far right of this area, there is a gun. Picking it up would be too convenient, but we do get a shotgun shell. You can also examine nadia for a silver bracelet. Finally, there is a pig tail on a statue near the room’s exit that you can remove with the chisel.

Head left to the workshop area. Pick up the sand bucket and use the bullet in the vice grip here for some black powder.

To the right of the fighting pair, there is a flaming peg leg. Put it out with the sand bucket, and get charcoal.

Draw a circle around the pair with the charcoal. Dip the pig tail in wax for a makeshift candle, and use that on the pair as well. Finally, sprinkle the black powder on the candle, and enjoy the ending sequence!

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