Dyson Sphere Program – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

How to get the receiving logistics station to put stuff onto belts

  • When you place your exit belt you have to choose the filter.

About enegry and fuel

  • Energy is used for moving, replicating items in the replicator (crafting) and launching construction drones.
  • As you get higher in tier you’ll get access to more robust fuel sources that give a bonus to energy gen when used in the mechs fuel core.
  • Invest in the Upgrades, theres a second Tab in the Research trees. Also stock up on Wood, Plants or Coal. Press C to open the Mech UI, Shift RMB or drag/drop fuel into the mech, you also start with 5 Fuel cells.

How to delete items on inventory

  • Pick item up with cursor and hit delete key.

How to make or find Titanium Ore

  • Different planets have different resources. You most likely won’t find all on one planet. You actually can get Titanium ore from stone. You have to get a research that let you go off planet and go land on another with resources, set up a mining outpost and bring back steel. Bringing back enough to set up Interplanetary transport route (locked behind research that needs steel to make the yellow matrix) so you dont have to spend 10-30 mins going from planet to planet.

How to extract oil from the oil extractor

  • Start dragging with your transport belt while hovering over the Oil Extractor despite the red “Collide with other Object”.

How to use the secondary recipes

  • Use X-ray cracking tech.

How to move oil from the refinery to a storage tank

  • Conveyors and sorters, if it’s from a refinery you need to use sorters to load products onto a conveyor to then ship to liquid storage.
  • Use the light oil early game for thermal power plants which will free up coal for other items that and infinite power since the oil seems don’t run dry.
  • Remember you can stack the tank just like storage crates if you need compressed storage.
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