NGU IDLE – The Troll Challenge Guide

You ever struggled with the troll challenge, didn’t know when to do it? i did for sure, since i found the answer, i decided to publish it, since (to my knowledge) there has been no guides for troll challenge.

How to Beat The Troll Challenge

Things to Note

Before we actually begin, there are few things to keep in mind.

  • After each completion, boss completion requirement raises by 15, this is the ultimate dev’s troll. keep that in mind since it isn’t said.
  • One of the trolls gets stronger with every completion.
  • Each completion lowers timer beetween each troll, effectively making big trolls happen faster.

Alright, now to the preparations.

The When aka Preparations

Before you even begin considering to start this challenge, you need to gather resources.

Note: the things mentioned require at least titan no.4 defeated.

Note: there are requirments for first few completions, it will probably scale (don’t know how much) for later completions.

The things you need are:

  • NGU’s levels. You need at least level 400 or 500 in augments, wandoos, gold and power (not adventure power).
  • NGU’s levels Part2. after clearing 1st challenge, get some magic NGU’s, at least number NGU.
  • “The Fu Manchu” and “The Reverse Hitler” Beard’s permament levels (at least noticable bonuses).
  • Ring of utility, magic and energy (or F tank) for leveling purposes.
  • Accesories that affect gold drops (for time machine buffing purposes, you won’t have time for titan’s in challenge).
  • High wandoos level (arond 200LV total).
  • Your armor Maxxed.

Not that we got everything set up, let’s go to how to do it.

The How, aka How to Do It Properly

Now that we are ready to roll, let’s lay out rules that will help you clear it.

1. Keep your rebirths short

The Big trolls can mess up your reincarnations rebirths the most (the least affecting are all minor trolls and random menu navigation).

While we are on topic of trolls, you want to get kitten and boxes troll, since they dont mess with your game directly (but ability to play the game) which is why you want them.

2. Remember to switch your beards and (later in challenge) Gold diggers to apropiate bonuses

That’s why we prepaired those buffers. so we could make it even shorter. Use Fu Manchu for pushing and when you’re about to rebirth, remember to change to Reverse Hitler.

3. Always keep ammount of energy/magic equal beetween augments, time machine and wandoos

Since those are affected the most from trolls, you should always keep them getting leveled up.

3.5. Start the rebirth with leveling only time machine (later in the challenge, when you can unlock time machine immediately)

You want to get the gold ball rolling as fast as possible, so remember to start with it. Later follow the original rule no.3.

4. Don’t waste your time, like really, don’t do that

The Longer you stay, the more trolls will mess with you, don’t overstay your visit in each rebirth, never.

5. Keep attention on the game

You never know when energy/magic troll is gonna mess up everything, don’t do anything else when doing the challenge. (if you have to, just quit the game, since offline progress is off, trolls won’t progress offline.

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