Enter the Gungeon – How to Play Pilot

How to play as the cool pilot.

Useful Pilot Tips

Dont use keys ever

  1. So basically if you have a key dont use it lol use the lockpick instead.
  2. Also if you see a rainboiw chest behind a locked door use the lockpick.
  3. Save you keys for bullet hell you will need way more them there.

Never stop using rogue special

  1. One of the best things about this character is his gun so never stop using it.
  2. Seriously dont I swear its good.
  3. Its even better at boss killing than room clearing thanks to its amazing range and accuracy.
  4. So you should definitely use it.
  5. Its really good I promise.

Shoot at the shopkeeper

  1. One of the pilots passive item lets you kill the shopkeeper.
  2. So shoot at him even if he says to stop.
  3. It might look like he got away but you killed him for sure.
  4. That will make the rest of the run so easy you basically already won.
  5. If that doesnt work make sure to bring lord of the jammed into every shop you find hes a cool dude all the shopkeepers love him.
  6. They will give you a discount if you bring him into their shop.

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