Untrusted – Claiming Roles Guide

What to claim and what not to claim for absolute new players.

Guide to Claiming Roles for Newbies

All credit goes to TLFP!


So what qualifies as fun? Not dying immediately due to claiming an evil class publicly. What classes to claim isn’t immediately obvious unless you go through and read each specific class in the class menu which you can open by hitting F1 on your keyboard or your class icon in the upper left.

Bad Claims

Never claim these under any circumstances publicly:

  • Agent Leader.
  • Field Agent.
  • Any Mole class.
  • Rival Hacker.
  • Sociopath.
  • Bounty Hunter.
  • Resentful Criminal.
  • Runaway Snitch.

These classes generally are bad to fake claim and should be avoided.

  • CCTV Specialist.
  • Improvised Hacker (You can never start out as this class).
  • Blackhat (Unless you’re Agent Leader and are good at the game).
  • Operation Leader (Unless you’re sociopath and again good at the game).
  • Enforcer (Rather difficult to reliably fake their escort and if you’re field agent they’ll get immediately arrested afterward, blowing your cover).

Good Claims

These claims are generally better and easier to fake for new players:

  • Inside Man (Make sure you append some node number in your logbook when you use inside knowledge or dumpster dive).
  • Network Specialist.
  • Social Engineer.
  • Spearphisher.
  • Analyst (If you’re a class that has midnight meeting and can connect to the topology).
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