Krunker – Beginner Guide (Classes, Slide Hopping and Settings)

This is a guide on how to play the game, and some extra stuff.

Guide to Basics for Newbies

The Classes

  • Triggerman – assault rifle, good damage, good rate of fire.
  • Hunter – sniper, one shots most of the time, really good class especially when paired with the deagle/alien blaster.
  • Run N Gun – smg, good damage, good rate of fire, can wallrun.
  • Spray N Pray – tanky af, has the most health out of all classes, can’t be one shot by sniper. good damage, slow rate of fire. good kit for knife fights.
  • Vince – shotgun, everyone hates people who use this kit, and you have a chance of getting votekicked by simply using this kit, but it’s a good kit. you can use it to launch yourself a bit. good for short to medium range, good damage and sometimes one hit
  • Detective – basically sniper but it’s a revolver and less damage.
  • Marksman – semi auto, barely anyone uses this lmao.
  • Rocketeer – rocket launcher, really good when paired with deagle/alien blaster. It’s like the shotgun kit, you could get votekicked for using it lol. You can also rocket jump but not as much as like tf2 or quake
  • Agent – akimbo uzi’s. it’s like the smg, and they can also wallrun. Imo smg is better.
  • Runner – tf lmao.
  • Bowman – this class can one shot everyone. You use a crossbow that is a projectile weapon. You have to reload every shot, so if you miss your shot, switch to your secondary or pray to god.
  • Commando – famas, basically the same as triggerman but burst ar.

So what are the best classes?

Imo triggerman (ar), hunter (sniper), run n gun (smg), and detective (revolver) [maybe also crossbow]. Try experimenting with diffferent kits. In the end, it all comes down to your playstyle.

Slide Hopping

How to slide hop

This is one of the most (if not the most) important aspect to moving around the map and getting kills.

A basic way to explain it is:

  • move forward > jump > crouch (to slide) > jump right after > repeat but without the moving forward part.

Crouch when you’re about to hit the ground, just hold it for like 0.3 seconds or something.

PhilzGoodMan does a great explanation on movement, i highly recommend you watch this video:

Menu Options


  • On the left side of the menu screen, you’ll see a button called mods.
  • These mods are cosmetic. The mods range from changing how your gun models look, to shaders and textures, custom gui’s, and custom sounds. An example would be csgo hands and weapons, “rtx” graphics, and silenced sounds.


The krunker hub is like social media, but you can also see player’s info, join or create clans, and sell and trade skins.


Think of it like community servers in cs, or servers in minecraft.


There’s 1v1s, 2v2s, and 4v4s. Ranked is not accessible right now, so it may change.

Host Game

You can host a game with custom settings. It’s basically a private server for your friends and you to play on, but you can also make it public.


Some Settings


  • Lag Compensation – not entirely sure what it does, but it basically moves player hitboxes a bit forward to compensate for lag. experiment with it, i personally use 0.5 (i usually get 20-35 ping)
  • High Tickrate – just turn it on cuz i heard that high tickrate is good in csgo and other games.


Keybinds – you can edit your keybinds here. You can also change your sensitivity here.


You can customize your crosshair here. you can also add a custom hitmarker image if you want.


You can change aspect ratio and graphic options in here. turn graphic settings off if you want the best fps. also, turn off screen shake if you don’t wanna get a headache lol. also turn off bullet tracers if you want to.


You can change your fov, gun fov, and your viewmodel in general. i recommend using a higher fov for this game, like 100 or higher.


Self explanatory.

Extra Stuff

  • You can throw your knife by holding right click, then left click (while holding right click). You’ll lose your knife until you die. And yes, you can punch people, and if you manage to punch someone to death, you get extra points.
  • You get extra points for killing someone mid-air, or when you’re sliding.
  • You get extra points for quickscoping and noscoping (sniper only).
  • You can wallbang on some surfaces.

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