Ori and the Will of the Wisps – 100% Achievements Guide

Note: This is spoilers for the entire game, so view at your own discretion.

How to Obtain All Achievements

All credit goes to Creshent!

Close Call

  • Fend off Howl

Run until you get the chance to fight. Once you do, whack him until he runs away. Then you get the achievement.

Take the Bug by the Horn

  • Defeat the Horn Beetle

You get to this boss after getting through the Spirit Gate which you needed Dash to get through. Simply smack the Hornbug’s bum until it is defeated, then you will get the achievement.

Home Sweet Home

  • Reach the Wellspring Glades

Just get there. Simple as that. It will require you to meet Kwolok first, where he tells you to go to the Wellspring. You will reach Wellspring Glades by then.

Let the Waters Flow

  • Clear the Watermill

Run away from the Foul Presence successfully.

Icy Escape

  • Escape the Avalanche

Run away from Shriek and an avalanche successfully.

Dark Triumph

  • Fend off Mora

Boss of Mouldwood Depths. who guards the Eyes of the Forest. Simply pummel Mora’s face in until you win. Then you get the achievement.

Guardian’s Rest

  • Fend off Kwolok

The boss of Luma Pools, who was your friend up until the Foul Presence from the Watermill possesses him. Simply clobber your friend repeatedly until you win. Then you get the achievement.

Quick Sand

  • Escape the Ruins

Run away from the Sandworm successfully.

Laser Brain

  • Defeat the Willow Stone

The Willow Stone is the boss in Willow’s End, and is required to defeat in order to get to the Spirit Willow. Avoid lasers and hit the middle-light-thing until you defeat it, then you get the achievement.

Stone Cold

  • Defeat Shriek

The antagonist to Ori and Ku, and the final boss of the game. Simply destroy that ugly owl for killing Ku, then you get the achievement.


  • Complete the Game

Do what it says. You will get it once you finished playing the game, and discovering Ori’s destiny.

Hardcore Fan

  • Complete Hard Mode

Beat the game again, but on Hard difficulty.

Tools of the Trade

  • Unlock all Abilities

Find them in Spirit Trees, and buy the rest from Orpher.

Mad Skills

  • Upgrade all Abilities

Buy everything from Orpher.

Fully Slotted

  • Upgrade all Shard Slots

Beat all Spirit Shrines successfully, and claim their rewards.

Shard Hunter

  • Unlock all Shards

Either finish the Hand to Hand quest to find the collectible shards, purchase the rest from Twillen to avoid doing that quest to get all of them. The Shard Secret is from Tokk’s sidequest in the Windswept Wastes.

Shard Specialist

  • Upgrade all Shards

Find Twillen, and purchase all the upgrades from him.


  • Max out Energy

Get all Energy Orbs. Either finish the Hand to Hand quest or use the map in Shard Hunter to find all of them.

Cartographer’s Protégé

  • Buy all Maps from Lupo

Lupo is in every location, so you are going to find him in every location. If you can’t be bothered to explore around to find him, then utilize the map in Shard Hunter to find all of Lupo’s locations to buy a map. You will need Spirit Light to get them.

Shrine Bright

  • Complete all Spirit Shrines

Usually four waves. Defeat all of them to complete the shrine. There are five shrines in total, so go find and complete them.

Lost and Found

  • Find all Collectibles

Finish the Hand to Hand quest or use the map in Shard Hunter to find all of them. Then, you go collect all of them. I advise getting Launch to make the process easier.

Mark of the Trader

  • Complete the Trade Sequence Quest

It’s the Hand to Hand sidequest. My advise: interact with every NPC you find, because there probably is someone wants the thing you have at that moment.

  • If you can’t be bothered with that, then this guide may help you.


  • Complete every Side Quest

Just talk to everyone, as some of them will have a sidequest for you. Here’s a list:

  • A Little Braver (from Mokk the Brave just where you defeated Howl)
  • Kwolok’s Wisdom (from a Moki in Luma Pools)
  • Into the Burrows (from Tokk just before the entrance to Midnight Burrows)
  • The Silent Map (from Lupo at Wellspring Glades)
  • The Tree Keeper (from Kii in the Silent Woods)
  • Rebuliding the Glades (from Grom at Wellspring Glades)
  • Regrowing the Glades (from Tuley at Wellspring Glades)
  • Family Reunion (from the suitcase Moki at Wellspring Glades)
  • A Diamond in the Rough (from Tokk in the Windswept Wastes)
  • The Lost Compass (from Tokk in the Wellspring Glades)
  • Hand to Hand (from a Moki in Kwolok’s Hollow)
  • There’s also the Moki in Wellspring Glades who lost their keepsake (requires you get Flash, and some Grolek ore)

Fixer Upper

  • Complete all Wellspring Glades Projects

You will need all the Grolek ore to get all the projects completed. You may also need to talk to a few NPCs in the Wellspring Glades to get access to more projects.

Speed Demon

  • Complete all Spirit Trials

Do it until you get the Spirit Light rewards, then move on to the next. There’s 8 in total, so good luck.


  • Max out Life

Just like Powerful, except you’re collecting Life.


  • Defeat Mora Without Taking any Damage

This is probably the secret achievement that you would have left if you got most of the others. I suggest doing this on Easy so that Mora takes less effort to defeat. For shards, you may want to equip, at least, the following to deal the most damage:

  • Lifeforce
  • Reckless
  • Overcharge
  • Finesse
  • Spirit Surge

Skills are of your choice, but anything that doesn’t require you to come in close contact with her is my suggestion. It also requires you to be good at fighting Mora, and avoiding environmental obstacles, so good luck.

Timely Demise

  • Defeat Kwolok in Under 2 Minutes

Unless you are sporting this:

Then interchange between melee, and casting Spike repeatedly. Use the aforementioned shards above to do more damage, and Easy difficulty to speed it up. You can still do it in Normal or Hard if you want to.

Juggling Act

  • Juggle 3 or More Projectiles in the Air for Over 5 Seconds

To be honest, I don’t know when I got this. I just got it passively while playing the game, and you might too. If I had to give some advise, try bashing with projectiles that are lobbed (have a upside down U shape, or a parabola) than straight-line projectiles. Might also get better chances in the Spirit Shrines with enemies that shoot projectiles.

Bring It On

  • Defeat 5 Enemies Without Touching the Ground

Try a combat shrine, and just use every ability you got to keep yourself afloat (Bash, Dash, Launch, Kuro’s Feather to Glide, etc…) while Spiking everything.

High and Dry

  • Avoid Touching any Corrupted Water

Don’t touch the purple water. Be cautious, and just get to the point where you successfully run away from the Foul Presence and you get the achievement. If you do touch the water, load a backup save and try again.

Damage Spike

  • Defeat 3 Enemies with a Single Spike

Get Exploding Spike, and Spike everything. The green mosquito bugs in Mouldwood Depths, Baur’s Reach, and The Windswept Wastes, or the combat shrines might help you here.

Did I Do That?

  • Defeat 10 Enemies using Environmental Hazards

Spirit Smash, or Bash your enemies to spikes, water, or any other related environment hazard. Bashing is probably preferred.


  • Beat the Game Without Equipping a Shard

Do it in conjunction with Lightless. You can get Shards, just not equip them, so ignore Twillen in this playthrough. Do it also on Easy as unless you want a challenge, smacking Shriek for an hour and a half with an energy stick is not fun.


  • Beat the Game Without Spending any Spirit Light

Do it in conjunction with Shardless. You can collect, just not spend. So ignore Orpher, Lupo, and Twillen in this playthorugh.

Look at the Time

  • Complete the Game in Under 4 Hours

At this point, you know how the game works. I would pick Easy difficuly, get Spike from Orpher and Overcharge from Twillen, and sprint to every boss, wisp, and eventually Spirit Willow, Spiking every boss on the way. Of course, you can pick your own way. Just make sure it’s efficient enough.


  • Complete the Game without Dying

At this point, you are probably good at the game. Just pick your difficulty, and beat the game. I’d advise caution so you do not accidentally make a mistake.

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