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Muse Dash - Hidden Difficulties Guide

Written by X3nD3n   /   Feb 10, 2021    

How to get hidden difficulties from various songs in the game.

How to Get Hidden Difficulties

Mopemope - LeaF (Default Music)

To get the secret difficulty you click multiple times on the "master".

Trippers feeling! - Kah (Give Up Treatment Vol. 3)

Same as before, you click on the master difficulty few times and you should get it.

Infinite Enerzy -Overdoze- (Happy Otaku Pack Vol.8)

Same once again, smash the master difficulty.

Ginevra - Myukke (Happt Otaku Pack Vol.10)

Again click click the master difficulty button.

Fujin Rumble - Cosio (Zuntata) (Let's Groove!)

Kill that master button.

Battle No.1- Tano*c sound team =(Hardcore Tano*c)

A click master alot.

Happienss Breeze - 3R2 as DJ Mashiro (Cytus)

Neko neko punch that master difficulty.

Freedom Dive ↓ - xi (Give Up Treatment Vol.8)

Unlike all the other ones, you dont click multiple times on this song's master difficulty, you need to to draw a circle 3 times while clicking your mouse without letting go to unlock the hidden difficulty.

Drew a circle thats shows where on the screen i do it if it helps.

Irreplaceable - Haloweak (Budget Is Burning - Nano Core)

This one doesnt really change anything in the difficulty, it changes to a diffrent verison of the song so its pretty cool.

Written by X3nD3n.

Game:   Muse Dash