Old School RuneScape – All in Game Text Effects!

Full color and text effect guide for you.

Text Effects? What?

In Old School RuneScape (RS3 too) you can use beautiful in game text effects to decorate your unique awesomeness. Easily.

Do you want to be the fancy boi in Varrock big bank with cool text colors and effects? Or the one dude in a giant battle yelling DD with flashing colors? Just try these!

Text Colors

  • yellow:
  • red:
  • white:
  • green:
  • cyan:
  • purple:

For example:

  • white: Join the White Knights!

Flashing and Glowing Text

Flashing text:

  • flash1:
  • flash2:
  • flash3:

Glowing text:

  • glow1:
  • glow2:
  • glow3:

For example:

  • glow3: Lets go chop some trees.

Text Effects

And then the most important, actual effects!

  • scroll:
  • slide:
  • shake:
  • wave:
  • wave2:

For example:

  • slide: Ayyy sliiiiiiide 😀

You can also combine colors and effects! Just remember the double dots :

For example:

  • flash1:slide: Danger!
  • red:scroll: Reeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Written by MLG Hen

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