WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition – How to Move Dens (Successfully)

What is Your Moving Plan?

So, you’ll need to plan what den you are going to move to. I suggest moving to one that is in the middle of your territory, since stranger wolves don’t tend to come that far in. If you have no dens in that part of your territory, claim some more or look for some new dens around that area. I tend to choose open dens, since cougars are the most common predator for me. I’m not exactly a pro at this game, so I can’t show you a field guide of all dens.

Moving Day!

When I move dens, I estimate how long and how far the planned den is. Make sure you know WHEN to move dens, because I’d say when the fleas get to at least 30% or 40%, then you should move. If you want to take a bigger risk, then don’t blame me if it doesn’t work out! So, check back on the guide when you’ve moved dens.

How to Avoid Fleas

So, you want to avoid fleas, huh? Here are some tips on how to avoid them. Normally, I would do these anyway, but if you don’t want to do them then that is fine.

  • 1. With all the time you spend at your den, make sure your pups are outside. Exceptions are when there are predators about.
  • 2. Never sleep inside your den. It will be hard, but worth it.
  • 3. Or, if you don’t want to avoid fleas, do the opposite.

My Results (of Doing What I Say in This Guide)

I have two outcomes of doing what this says.


I was with my wolf called Tiger, and we were on a hunting trip when the notification; ‘help your pup, it’s sick.’ The pup was Tiger II, the HEIR. I flipped out and moved dens. When we were on our way she was lagging behind and…That’s when I decided to load a save.

Absolute Win:

I was with my other wolf, Chaser, and I was going ‘help!! pups are hungry and so is my mate.’ I thought for a second I was gonna have the same fate as Tiger II, but I carried on, not knowing there was a BISON BULL CARCASS right by my den. When I spotted it I went; “jackpot!!!” and of course, ate from it. The fleas were getting worse so i moved dens, and, no predators showed up? It was strange, and so I had a happy successful moving day.

Note: Absolute WIN has happened TWICE, so don’t worry about failing.

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