WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition – A Field Guide to Slough Creek Dens

A comprehensive guide on all the dens in Slough Creek. Where they are, how to find them, and what they look like to best help you locate and pick your ideal home.

Slough Creek Dens Field Guide


Welcome to the Field Guide for Slough Creek Dens! I’ve spent a lot of time hunting dens around the Slough Creek map, from where each den is, to how many of each kind there are, and other tidbits – like tricks to help find them!

I have decided to collect all this information here for anyone to reference if they wish.

The Search for Dens – Compact Guide

Finding dens is a whole new gameplay experience in WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition. Unlike previous versions like 2.7, dens are scattered all over the map unmarked, and you have to find them on your own while building up your territory in order to access them later.

How It Works

It’s a scavenger hunt! While you’re running around gaining territory, a symbol will appear on your game HUD beneath your compass, and you use it as a reference to locate the den.

Closer? Farther? A Game of Hot and Cold

“Den Nearby!”

When you run around the map marking territory, this icon will briefly flash onto your HUD like this. The text appears briefly, but the symbol will stay. When this happens, it means you’re nearby a den, and now it’s up to you to find it!

This is where it turns into a game of ‘hot and cold’. The icon on the HUD is your guide, telling you when you are moving in directions that are farther (colder) or closer (warmer) to the den’s location. It does this by changing color.

  • Pale = Far Away / Cold
  • Yellow = Getting Closer / Warmer
  • Deep Yellow = Very Close / Hot

With this tool in mind, you can now comb the area to try and locate the den. If it disappears, it means you’ve walked too far away. Turning around and going back will bring it back up for you to follow again.

So Close…but Still so Far…Where?

Even with the hot and cold den radar in effect, it can still be really tricky to locate some dens – such as dirt dens (that are on the ground), or tree and rock dens (that blend in with the landscape).

The key for this is to turn to your wolf’s other sense – their nose! Dens emit scents that get carried on the wind like everything else, and you can use that to your advantage if you’re having trouble finding a tricky den. Moving around the den’s radius so that the den’s scent will blow towards you is a good way to find them.

Most dens will give out unique markers in the scent readout panel. This is because they are all abandoned dens from other animals, like foxes, or coyotes.

Den entrances also glow in scent view!

When you are near the ‘hot’ range of a den, try entering scent view while you search. Their green (or yellow green) glow should pop out to your eyes, after a bit of searching. Use all these skills together to track down the dens, and once you find it, approach the den until you get the following pop up.

And found! Now the den will appear on your map and you can return to it when you are ready.

Okay, Tips Out of the Way. Now on to the Good Stuff.

We all know why we’re here. It’s not tips. It’s not tricks or trades. It’s den locations! Effort free!

If you decide to try the tips and quick guide above, let me know how it works! Read on to get all your den location needs.

Den Map Overview

There are many dens in Slough Creek! As of now there are 27. Below is a slightly zoomed in map showing each den location, marked and labeled with what kind of den it is.

  • Rock = rock formation dens
  • Tree = tree dens
  • Dirt = burrow or hole in the ground dens
  • Stars = Classic 2.7 dens that were remade in the new game. They have been marked with the names they had in the old game.

Feel free to use this as a standalone guide to investigate on your own!

Classic Dens

While many of the den locations in the game are new and never seen before, some of them are a bit more familiar. Returning in Anniversary Edition’s Slough Creek are the original dens from 2.7: Saddle Meadows, Aspen Heights, and Bison Peak Cutoff.

All three can be found near their locations in the original game, but are in slightly different places and have been spruced up to look nice, fancy, and new.

Saddle Meadows

Saddle Meadows is where it’s always been, up within the hilltops west of First Meadow and northwest of Slough Creek. It is now nestled between the two hills along a south facing slope. The den is also now a nice formation of rocks with a clear hole entrance, making it look nice and snug.

Aspen Heights

Once a proud collection of boulders in 2.7, Aspen Heights is now a small formation of stones. It sits on the western fringe of a large clearing. A thin line of trees separates it from First Meadow.

Bison Peak Cutoff

Bison Peak Cutoff is located south of Slough Creek and on the eastern side of First Meadow. In 2.7 it was a magnificent tree that stood out and had a great view. In Anniversary Edition the view is still grand, but the tree is now a humble stump sticking out of a hill, and thus is a little harder to spot.

Rock Dens

Rock dens are dens that are dug around or underneath large stones or among rocky terrain. They are the most visually distinct of all the dens, each one having its own unique look or quirk.

There are a total of 9 rock dens to choose from.

Rock Den 1

The recreated Saddle Meadows den from 2.7 mentioned earlier in this guide.

Rock Den 2

A large formation of rocks to the east of the Grassy Plateau. There’s a narrow path between the stones toward the entrance.

Rock Den 3

North of First Meadow and somewhat towards the eastern side. It’s a rectangular, almost building shaped rock that stands tall and proud. There’s some nice flat ground around the den entrance and some rocks jut over the side of a slope, giving it the feel of an almost fenced in yard. Has a nice view of the meadow as well.

Rock Den 4

The recreated Aspen Heights den from 2.7 mentioned earlier in this guide.

Rock Den 5

This den is right on the northern shore of McBride Lake. There’s a sharp, almost square shaped rock face on the right side of the entrance. The area is somewhat shady during the day from the surrounding trees.

Rock Den 6

North of McBride Lake and up into the woods, you will find some rock formations. The den entrance is beneath the funky shaped boulder that vaguely resembles a stack of big rocks.

Rock Den 7

This den is north of McBride Creek and the small mountain pond. Its large rocks are embedded in a hillside. There’s a tree to the left-hand side of the den entrance.

Rock Den 8

A rocky den in a hill that comes with a built in porch. It’s northeast of Second Meadow. This is the den seen in some of the development dev blogs, and the one used in the new Slough Creek trailer on the game’s official Youtube Channel.

Rock Den 9

On the northeastern range of Second Meadow, deep in Prospect Peak territory. It’s a wide, open space against a rock formation. The entrance is within a crack between some of the rocks.

Tree Dens

Old, dead stumps that sit upright or fell over. The tunnels are dug out within the roots. They tend to blend into the surrounding area, so they’re hard to spot.

There are 3 tree dens to choose from on the map.

Tree Den 1

The recreated Bison Peak Cutoff den from classic WolfQuest 2.7 mentioned earlier in this guide.

Tree Den 2

A large, fallen over stump with exposed roots, south of Slough Creek. It’s near the C-R letters in Slough Creek’s label on the map, so its location is a little easier to memorize when keeping that in mind.

Tree Den 3

A green mossy stump that sits along the treeline of a clearing in the north part of the map. Dirt Den 8 is a stone’s throw away to the northwest.

Dirt / Burrow Dens

Dirt dens, or burrow dens, are dens that are dug into the earth from the soil around it, and are the most common type of den.

Unlike other den types, dirt dens are more interactive, and when you choose one you have to dig it out to make the space for you and your pups to properly use it.

There are a total of 15 dirt / burrow dens to choose from.

Dirt Den 1

A burrow tucked quietly away in the southwest corner of the map. Due to its location near the map border, it’s easy to miss and forget about.

Dirt Den 2

This den is up a hill to the northwest of First Meadow. There’s a large rock and a couple trees nearby.

Dirt Den 3

Up in the hills north of First Meadow, but before the Grassy Plateau. It’s a nice open space on the slope and there’s a lone standing tree not far away to the south of it.

Dirt Den 4

This den is at the foot of the northern slopes of First Meadow. It’s got a feeder creek just off its doorstep to the south.

Dirt Den 5

A hole in the ground up in the Grassy Plateau.

Dirt Den 6

Up north beyond the Grassy Plateau, there’s a hill up in the woods. On the west facing slope of that hill is the den, nice and shady.

Dirt Den 7

In a field southwest of McBride Creek.

Dirt Den 8

It’s in a clearing to the east of McBride Creek’s label on the map. There’s a boulder just to the west of it, and a trio of three trees to the east.

Dirt Den 9

Smack in the middle of nowhere, this den is south of McBride Creek and surrounded by trees. It’s a clearing with open, sandy ground and some gravel texture around the den entrance.

Dirt Den 10

A little ways from the northern shore of McBride Lake. It’s at the foot of a hill, a little to the west of Rock Den 5.

Dirt Den 11

At the bottom of a hill, south of McBride Lake. Slough Creek is pretty close by, almost at its doorstep.

Dirt Den 12

In an open field, south of Slough Creek. To the east is a wide, open space beta testers playfully refer to as the Parking Lot.

Dirt Den 13

Another hole in an open field to the west of Second Meadow. If you look to the north through the trees and squint, you can see the rock formations that are close to Rock Den 8.

Dirt Den 14

At the bottom of a steep hill in Second Meadow.

Dirt Den 15

In the forests north of Second Meadow, on a smooth hill.

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