WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition – How to Get an Albino/Pure White Puppy

This is a guide on Wolf Quest 3 😀 ill teach you how to get a pure white puppy with simple instructions! Keep in mind that theyre very hard to get and could take awhile if youre unlucky.

Guide to Get an Albino/Pure White Puppy

All credit goes to lxlytuft!

Creating / Editing Your Wolf

The first step is easy; create or edit a wolf! change whatever you’d like but the fur colour, that needs to be the 2nd original coat on the top, surrounded by a yellow lining [this is essential]!

Getting a Mate!

Once you create your wolf, make a single-player world in amethyst mountain and start, there you’ll need to hunt 2 elk [age and gender doesn’t matter for hunting the elk] and howl 1-3 times and proceed to sleep.

When you wake up there should be at least 1 dispersal wolf but if you’re lucky it’ll be 2 or 3.

Try to get a grey mate as if you have a black mate it tends to make all your puppies red/black. But if you get a black mate its still possible to get a pure white puppy!

Now travel to Slough Creek with your mate.

Slough Creek

When you make it to Slough Creek with your mate, get 15 hexes [territory spots] over 50% and find at least 4 dens.

Right after you do, complete the mission and then it’ll be time for you to choose your den!

Once you find the den of your choice, just before you’re about to claim it as your own, make a save of your game so you can reload it [this is essential].

Next, choose the den, name it and meet your puppies!


Here is where the save comes in! let the puppies out of the den, if none are a pure white / albino, save the game your in and load the save where you and your mate are about to choose a den!

Note: if your puppy is white but has grey on its back, its not a pure white

Keep on saving and reloading until you get a pure white puppy / pure white puppies!

This was on my 4th litter

This was on my 5th litter, but its a blondish white, not cream/white

Out of 5 litters, there was only 2 litters that had a white puppy, my fourth and fifth – but my 5th was a blondish white so i don’t know if it counts – it also seems to be that light puppies are alot more common in litters of 4 or less!

Keep in mind that the length of how long it’ll be to get a white puppy varies depending on your luck!

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  1. It appears that this no longer works- I chose the same white coat as used in this post and with a 4-star grey mate. However, I believed they may have patched this and it is no longer possible to re-roll pups. I noticed all of the pups were the same each re-load. F (brown), F (brown), F (brown), F (gray), M (gray). The colors per pup and per gender never changed. It appears I was getting the same exact set every single re-load, no changes in gender, number of pups, or which color went with which pup. I realized this after about 10 re-loads. I followed the instructions to a T, so I believe this has since been patched.
    Out of suspicion I tried not saving the game before reloading 3 more times and got the same results.

  2. To be fair, you dont need the boring standard coat in the list to get white pups. Just choose a coat at your liking, turn it as white as you can, or to the coat info says grey, then search for a mate that is grey/white as possible. Not brown or black(both of these seems to affect the fur color of the offspring), many coats that is only black despite turning it white, can appear white ig, so keep an eye open there. The more white ur mate is, the bigger chance you have to get white pups despite the amount. I had 4 pups with a 2+ star white mate, and they were all white. Just gotta love albino wolves<3

  3. Thanks, I got a mate who was two stars and the same thing everytime. This helps so i should of chose the other male XD

  4. It worked the first time I did this (with my lunar pack) But when I tried with a mate who was only 2 stars (he was grey) I only got 2 pups and they were always the same coat color- So if anyone sees this make sure you will have a 3-4 star mate so you can have more puppy’s (Basically giving the game more coats to choose from since you have more pups)

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