Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition – Game Taunts

How to Use

Simply open up the chat (default key is enter) and enter the number of the taunt you want to use.

The List

  1. Yes.
  2. No.
  3. I need food.
  4. I need wood.
  5. I need coin.
  6. Do you have extra resources?
  7. I have extra food.
  8. I have extra wood.
  9. I have extra coin.
  10. Meet here.
  11. Are you ready?
  12. I need help!
  13. Attack now!
  14. Upgrade your trade route.
  15. Wololo
  16. I’m in your base, killing your dudes.
  17. Check in your wallet. That’s me on the dollar bill.
  18. I belive that makes me your daddy.
  19. El-Oh-El, I am R-Oh-Tee-Eff-El. (Laugh out Loud, I am Rolling on the Floor Laughing.)
  20. Aren’t you becoming quite the little problem.
  21. (Laughter)
  22. Tgis will give me cred, street cred!
  23. Hey, shut your pie hole!
  24. I’ll take that trade.
  25. You sit on the computer all day! Youz hnow nothing of hard life!
  26. Really? Such a noob.
  27. Ask not for whom the timer ticks. It ticks for thee.
  28. (Alternative laughter)
  29. Check in your pocket. The quarter is me, too.
  30. Where is my mother?
  31. (Charge bugle call)
  32. Belive it, little boy!
  33. Zing!
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