Prison Architect – Security Infrastructure Guide

Is your prison your having constant riots? Do you wan’t to kill better suppress your prisoners? Then this is the guide for you! Here you will learn how to greatly improve the security of your prison.

Guide to Security Infrastructure

Basic Security Procedure

  • Hire a security chief. You literally can’t do anything on this guide without him.
  • Unlock ‘patrols’ in bureaucracy.
  • Hire at least ten guards.
  • Assign guards to patrol routes. The minimum you should do is three, but as your prison expands I would recommend way more.

Advanced Security Procedure

Assign two armed guards and two dog handlers to patrol routes. This works best when placed in key locations, such as a yard, a canteen, and busy hallways.

Maximum Security Ratings

  • Increase the size of your security forces (basic guards only) from ten to twenty.
  • Unlock ‘body armour’ from bureaucracy.
  • Unlock ‘tasers’ from bureaucracy.
  • Unlock ‘surveillance’ from bureaucracy.
  • Place at least six closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras around your prison.
  • Place a surveillance desk and wire the cameras to it.

Et Cetera

If you wan’t, you can place PA (public address) systems in a yard or hallways to better suppress your prisoners. To increase punishment ratings, build a few solitary confinement cells and (maybe) do roll calls for maximum security prisoners. For less contraband, place metal detectors in crowded hallways and do shakedowns regularly.

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