Urtuk: The Desolation – Berserker Class Guide

Human Berserker

Abilities and Focus

  • Rend Armor: You live to destroy armor, what else is there to say here? This is your soul stone, your guiding star, your daily mantra.


  • Bezerker Duelyst: Unique to this unit and the Forsaken Bezerker. Enables two attacks during ‘one hit,’ with the corresponding Stamina cost and a counter in between. Care must be taken when considering what that counter attack will bring to bear, specifically Poisons and Bleeds.
  • Flagrant: The Berzerker excels at injuring himself thanks to the Duelyst, may as well get something for the pain. Also the games first hint at telling you this guy may get better with lower HP, eh?
  • Monster Heart: More HP for the Berzerker since he has no armor and likes being hit in combat. Some men use armor, real men use their flesh.
  • Slow Learner: But maybe weak men are also smart for wearing armor?
  • Shatterproof: Pretty self explanatory, mostly here to protect from the Duelyst.
  • Shred Armor: Have we mentioned the Berzerker lives to destroy armor and that is his sole purpose in this life?


The Berzerker has no self survival skills fresh out of the box, with only HP being his guardian. He is also very clearly meant to destroy armor. Your job is to make him survive and be somewhat viable against units that happen to not have Armor, but mostly to get him on to units WITH armor as well. He also has abysmal CON, it can literally not be any lower, this guy is as dumb as a box of rocks. After reaching the Stamina break point of 82 for Strong vs + Duelyst x3 attacks or a Duelyst plus potential third attack from a variety of sources, the Berzerker can focus entirely on VIT and STR.

One of the quickest ways to kill your Berzerker is to not think about the consequences of attacking an enemy and the ensuing counter. For example, he will die much more quickly when attacking a unit that will apply a bleed or poison, or even a mace or maul unit that can slow him and his rather slow AGI. When facing such opponents it is best to have your Berzker protected from something like an Aegis or Shield Ally unit. Conversely, you can take mutators that simply out heal the damage you will be receiving over the course of combat.

In conclusion, the Berzerker should have a single-minded focus on placing himself on any unit wearing Armor, for the sole purpose of shattering and breaking said armor. He is best utilized in a reserve fashion, biding his time and positioning himself for the incoming Armored units. He is also great at cleaning up any injured units thanks to his Duelyst attack. Keep him close to shield guardians or keep some Aegis in reserve to protect his manly flesh.

Suggested Mutators

  • Light Foot: every single unit needs this currently, sorry. Swap in to Backstab Crit or Target Armor or back out to save yourself and recharge patience.
  • Natural Resistance: You will eat a lot of Poison and Bleeds given the nature of Duelyst and the lack of any armor. This is a great way to clear the damage at the start of a new round.
  • Flesheater: Great at keeping up your Health from all the Duelysts and finishing blows, also keeps the damage up for continued slaughter.
  • Masochist: Again fits the style of a unit that will be taking a lot of damage and can use that to his benefit.
  • Overdose: Gives a larger HP pool to have all that damage taken from, that is then turned into offense with the other Mutators.
  • Blood Lust I and II: Ideal for topping up that massive HP pool and absorbing future Duelyst counters.
  • Feast: Another way to keep up the Health in the heat of combat
  • Hastening Criticals: Berzerkers tend to be on the slow side, get more speed and turns using this Mutator.
  • Quick Reflexes: The Berzerker excels at being hit, why not turn that into a Speed boost every turn? This is a pretty ideal Berzerker mutator.
  • Leeching Criticals: A wonderful Healing option for your Berzerker, especially if you are good at setting up backstabs or Strong vs.
  • Painful Healing: Turn that manly pain into manly healing, your Guardian allies will love you for it.
  • Rage: Another mutator that works well with units who enjoy taking a beating, especially in combination with the Quick Reflexes.
  • Stalwart: Can be a lifesaver!
  • Strong Body: Combined with Giant’s Heart or Overdose (and the inherent Monster Heart), your Berzerker will have a massive HP pool to draw from and grants him better survivability.

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