Loop Hero – How to Kill The Lich (Boss Guide)

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Killing the Lich

To the upper left of your screen is a boss meter. Placing any tile will make it go up. When it fills up, the boss spawn!

You might kill it on your first time, you might kill it on your tenth, it depends. The more you wait, the harder it gets… at first aim for a kill between the 7th and 14th loops.

Don’t let it spawn its palaces: by placing tiles all around your camp and keeping (and then using) Oblivion on any that do spawn.

The Lich use Magic Damage which ignore all your Defense. Evasion can be a good replacement defense against it instead for that reason.

Prepare a lot of Magic Damage of your own to ignore the Lich defenses. Damage All is just regular damage against it; not great, not terrible.

Vampirism, Regeneration and Counter are all of dubious utility against this slow, hard hitting Boss.

If you have the Gymnasium: perks such as “Article of protection” (extra HP), “Shield-master” (stunning) and “Ignorance is Bliss” (max your HP) will help you well.

This is a benefit to taking your time to get ressources and retreating with 100% of them; there’s no rush to kill the boss.

Finally Blood/Hungry groves reduce the Lich total HP by 15%/20% and Beacons 20% Attack Speed boost apply only to you here, not the Lich.

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