A Building Full of Cats – 100% Full Walkthrough Guide (with Achievements)

All achievement guide for A Building Full of Cats with locations of all cats and hidden cats, and Fofiño locations.

Complete Guide

Warm-Up Achievement

  • Click on the cat behind the bush

Give Meow Some Credit Achievement

  • Click on Credit button
  • Then click on the cat on top of the Giovani’s name

Wet Floor Achievement

  • Click on Setting button
  • Then click on a cat under the sign

1st Floor Cats and Hidden Cats

2nd Floor Cats and Hidden Cats

3rd Floor Cats and Hidden Cats

4th Floor Cats and Hidden Cats

  • To find cat in the lamp, click on light switch next to entrance door

5th Floor Cats and Hidden Cats

6th Floor/Roof Cats

  • In the 5th Floor menu, click on the arrow right to the door to go to the roof

How to Find Fofiño?

Fofiño can be find 2-3 times on each floor

Once you find all of Fofiño on a floor, the paw symbol will appear on the cats counter

After you find all the Fofiño in all the floors (Floor 1 to 5), go to the roof and click on Fofiño who is sitting on the ledge to trigger Found! Achievement

Adopted! and Steam’s Worst Achievement Achievements

  • Once you click on Fofiño, it will give you a choice nether to adopt him or not?

Yes > Adopted! Achievement
No > Worst Achievement

You can only make one choice each time you find Fofiño. To unlock another achievement, you need to Delete Save in setting and find Fofiño all over again. Then choose another answer to get full achivements

Go pet all the cats!

Don’t leave any cat behind!

Written by ElleRose


  1. not adopting fofino destroyed my spirit but i did the entire game again to adopt fofino and now my soul is at peace

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