A Dance of Fire and Ice – Fire and Ice Secrets Guide (Level and Color Codes)

In case you don’t know, this game has some secrets that you are able to activate, and I will show you how to.

Guide to Fire and Ice Secrets

How to Activate Secrets

To unlock those hidden features, the only thing you gotta do is just type the codes in your keyboard while in the level select room.

Just be careful not to enter any level while typing the code, since you will move everytime you press anything. You don’t need to be fast, just as you press the entire code correctly, it will be applied.

Color Codes

Changes the colours to light blue and pink with a white trail.

  • Code: transrights

Changes the colours to yellow and purple with a black trail.

  • Code: nbrights

Changes the colours to rainbow, that changes every second.

  • Code: (use the keyboard arrows key) Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Enter

Level Codes

Caution: Those levels are hard af.

Unlocks the secret level “U-turn Road”.

  • Code: quree

Unlocks “One Forgotten Night” Speed Trial mode.

  • Code: star4th


Shows which letter you pressed on every tile.

  • Code: typing
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