The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos – Gain Stat Boost Guide (Eating and Praying)

Tells you how to get boost for Dex and Str as well as Health and Mana stats. Like in Eat Pray Love book.

Guide to Gain Stat Boost

Apples, Raspberries and Dark Mushrooms

Most Gothic players know this but I figure there is no harm repeating this for people who went straight to this mod due to the hype without playing the OG games. Or maybe nobody told you about this in OG games too.

Basically, if you eat a certain amount fo Apples you get a boost to STR which is +1. You can repeat this indefinitely.

  • If you eat Raspberries you get +1 DEX.
  • If you eat Dark Mushrooms you get +5 Mana.

You can also combine these into dishes like Apple Pie for example. To speed up the eating process. So if it requires 5 apples in a recipe it should count as eating 5 apples. Although, some people reported that it counts as eating 1 apple so in this case it is safer to eat apples, raspberries and shrooms in their natural form.

You need to eat 25, 25 and 50 of mentioned food items to gain boosts, respectively.

P.S. in OG Gothic games smoking tobacco with pipe gives you boosts too. But I haven’t noticed this mechanic present here.

Praying at God Shrines

Praying for the highest available price at a shrine gives you something in return.

For 100 gold Innos will raise your health by 10.

For 10 LP Adanos will increase your defenses (as far as I recall the same amount as stone skin potion but I forgot, so I will test this and edit this later).

For permanent loss of 50 health Beliar will give you 500 gold. He gives you gold for lower amounts too. 10 hp = 100 gold for him.

Needless to say, I feel like it is not worth praying to anyone except Innos. Although, arguably if you have too many stats and LPs you could pray to Adanos too.

Honorable Mention: Cooking and Alchemy

You can also get boosts from those 2 things.

At level 3 Alchemy Bodowin will give you quests that will reward you with recipes to stat boost potions that require rare non respawnable ingredients. You can also buy them from merchants in limited amounts.

Later on, in game you can also learn recipes for food that will give you stat boosts that is made from the same ingredients like aforementioned potions. But there should be enough ingredients to craft all potions if you look hard enough.

Food also gives you fewer points. And you can also buy this food from merchants in limited amounts.

Easy Stat Boost

There are also ways to gain a lot of apples and raspberries by exchanging the gold nuggets at the traders’ guild mine.

Here is the break down:

Start of Chapter 3 is the first reset of all veins, and tree stumps for resources (all resources in the world)

Then during Chapter 3s first quest for Traders’ Guild it will be reset again for the gold mine.

Then again during Chapter 3s second quest for Traders, the mine will be reset again.

And finally, at the start of Chapter 5 for everything in the world.

I suggest you bring all the Gold Ore you find in the world and buy it all up from traders and exchange it for food meal packs at the mine. It is the best use of gold ore. Never bring the ore out of the mine or you lose 50%

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