The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos – Infinite Source of Pickaxes and Woodcutter Axes + Heavy Branches

How to farm pickaxes, wood axes and branches for arrows and bolts.

Farming Guide (Pickaxes, Wood Axes and Branches)

All credit goes to ZER0 %K!


The game always gives some random weapon to NPCs after you beat them up and loot them.

If it is a regular NPC they will get a heavy branch every time you beat them up. You can turn those into arrows and bolts at the crafting table.

If you beat up a miner they will spawn a pickaxe every time they get back to mine ore veins. You can beat them up again and again to loot more from their bodies.

If miners are raising alarms and giving you bounties or even giving you general combat trouble it is best to lure one of them somewhere remote, kill them and make it so that only 1 miner remains in the vicinity of the place you want to do this at. You can set up multiple locations this way. Best place I found to do that is the Royal Mine.

Same goes for woodcutter axes if you see some NPC actively cut wood. If they are using saws they won’t spawn axes however.

Just don’t kill every miner for no reason because they won’t respawn.

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