Wall World – Walkthrough Guide

Still struggle in this game? Digging each cave but find nothing? Here is a guide to help you beat this game!

The Walkthrough

Never Kill All Bugs

Never kill all bugs. Leave a fly there, so there will never be the next round of bug rush, unless you go across the cloud. In this way you can save time and focus on digging, and also save points because you don’t need to upgrade blockage (I don’t know its English name).

Secret Rooms

The secret room can be found in any cave, no matter its size. The fast way to find a secret room is going up right.

Keys and Boss

You need to collect five keys to beat the final boss. The first key can be found in the lowest cave. The rest keys are hidden in secret rooms of caves. There could be more than one key in each game. The fast way to collect all keys is going up right in the cave to find a secret room. There are three boss. The final boss is invincible, unless you put all five keys in the dome on the highest.

Some Suggestions

  1. Shotgun is the lamest weapon. Drone may be useful, but it will eliminate all enemies, which lead to more and more powerful enemies.
  2. Don’t just go up or go down. If your speed is fast, you can collect all kinds of resource of all levels. I suggest you go down to the lowest and then go up.
  3. Don’t waste recourse on drone, turret. Focus on suit and gun. It is useless to kill enemies. The priority is sill finding secret rooms. So the suit is the most important.
  4. It is very hard to kill the boss with gun, the only way is by missile.
  5. It is a secret bug, I don’t know if the developer can notice it. But the truth is, each time you go across the could, the game will refresh. All the things in the secret rooms will also be refreshed. It means that if you luckily found a secret room for a weapon or upgrade, after you go across the could and come back, you will find the room is sealed again and there is new weapon or upgrade inside! I use this way to collect all weapons and upgrades. Maybe I can use this way to collect all keys if I found a key room!
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