A Twisted Path to Renown – Arizona Pine Forest Map (POI’s)

In this guide you will find a detailed map of the Arizona Pine Forest from the game A Twisted Path to Renown with various points of interest.

The Map

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  • New abandoned horse extracts: One north of Fort Berry, second on Southern Ravine on the western most road.
  • New extracts: First mine, within Scott’s & CO Iron Mine, Annies Village, broken wagon, & Silas Mercer East of Fort Berry.
  • The Diving Helmet location: North of Small Outcrop Extract, North-West of The Plains Tee Pee Settlement.

Useful Tips


Check the stats of your starting weapons and ammo. Pay attention to the effective range and bullet spread. For a more accurate spread, load one round of the ammo you want to use.

Aim for the head when fighting AI and players. There’s no head armor, so headshots always kill. Bosses are exceptions with around 130 head health, so they might need a few more shots.

Always move after shooting in fights. Never stand still against AI or players.

At first, loot everything until you know what’s valuable. This keeps your cash flow up to improve your gear.

Manage your hydration and energy. Focus on items that don’t cause intoxication. If you get intoxicated, find food that removes it quickly. Keep your stomach fullness under 800.

Best foods right now are apples, avocados, botas, melons, and chicken soup.


When killing bosses or tough enemies, some AI have armored shirts and pants. Collect these early on to survive most ammo types.

Using disguises makes AI less aggressive if you match their faction. Swap your boots with dead bandits or military AI to become lawful or outlaw.

Explosives are great for taking out groups. They stun and knock enemies down, letting you get close for easy headshots.

Watch your weight capacity and item weights. Being heavier makes you slower and harder to turn in fights.

Use crafting to make money and get supplies. Look for items you need during raids. Some key items like weapon part kits and gunpowder can be found, skipping crafting steps. Use the barter system with traders for crafting materials, weapons, ammo, and storage.

Level up traders early for better barters and items. Complete quests for access to better crafting and recruits by increasing your renown.

I hope you found this helpful!

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