Super Fantasy Kingdom – Guide for Powerups and Map Progression

What Powerups and Map Progression Should I Get First?

What to Buy First?

When it comes down to it the answer is all of it! If you can afford a meta progression or powerup you should buy it. However, if you want to progress as fast as possible and don’t want to figure things out yourself this will be a short guide to hopefully help you figure out the value of what progressions you should grab first.

Since everyone has different values for how to play the game I won’t say if any one is better than another but more so explain how they can be helpful.

The Map

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  • All in kingdom roads, Just buy them as soon as you have met the Glory threshold. More slots = more buildings = stronger Units.
  • If you really want to skip roads because you don’t have stone for some reason the 10,20, and 50 Glory. Roads are all small building slots which in the early game are not as helpful as the big ones since at most you’ll be building houses
  • All map roads, Same thing just buy them all. Everything they unlock is good. If you can build a road build it as soon as you can.
  • If you really want to skip roads you can probably skip the 18 Glory road as it unlock the option to challenge the mini boss which isn’t super helpful early

Resource Spots

  • All starting wood and stone are worthwhile, more starting resources means faster starts.
  • Getting all 3 stone spots means you can do the first castle storage upgrade as soon as you start.
  • Getting all 4 wood spots means you can build a house right away when starting you could also build quarry first with the first 3 of some build going that route struck your fancy.
  • The 2 gold spots mean you can skip the goldmine early and have the gold available to get the 2nd castle upgrade. Meaning a bunch of the buildings gatekept by 9+ resources no longer require the goldmine first. The 2nd on is on the 23 glory road so it will be one of the last you unlock.
  • The 3 wheat spots don’t do too much on their own for you. However, when combined with an orb from the mountain you can purchase monk without building a farm. Similarly you can alternatively with the haybale outpost build stables without a farm which can lead to some interesting build options as well. Though you will find yourself limited by large building spots.
  • The bush spot is ok but not super helpful. Its quite cheap so might as well get it.


  • On the 2 glory Road the Merchant is broken down and is asking for 3 board to fix his cart. I personally don’t value the merchant as he adds an extra RNG element with the trades he will offer. A lot of players who aren’t me really value his trades.
  • The Mysterious orbs are always worthwhile as soon as you have all the other staring resource spots.
  • Starting worker. Get the 50 shards one asap an extra worker to start is super important. You will need to win a run before you can get the 500 shards cost one as its much easier to unlock with some curse levels.
  • Outposts from Amaya all of these are nice but most are best for specific challenges many people like the appeal one for Curse 5.
  • Starting fish from the fisher, is similarly not super needed but nice to have. if you have to pick between this and something else. Pick the something else first.

Knight Power Ups

All Powerups only effect the knight, not all units.

  • Greed first if you’re trying to just get everything.
  • Range helps a lot, if you max this you can put the knight in the front slot and can hit the goblin King.
  • Speed means he can run faster to the monsters. Pretty good early.
  • Cooldown He’ll start attacking faster after he finishes his previous attack.
  • Shield The Knight is your secondary tank unit usually. More shield means he can tank more.
  • Magic and Physcial Defense – Damage reduction makes him an even better tank.
  • Damage, I mean the best defense is a strong offense right?
  • Health Its more health pretty simple.
  • Knockback helps a bit but not super impactful.
  • Duration wont come up much but it does come up eventually it wont make a huge difference early on.
  • Crit usually the knight one shots or 2 shots most monsters already and its a fairly low chance its nice to have but not impactful.
  • Area hes single target so not very good. Comes up once you rank him up and pick the Inspire powerup.
  • Reroll great once you know what units you want I grab this 2nd last.
  • Banish also great once your unit pool is deeper and you want specific ones. I grab this last beacuse of how expenive it is.
  • Starting coins – Ideally you start with at least 15, 5 for the first slot 10 for the wood outpost.

I hope you found this useful!

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