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Battle Royale Tips

When going in Battle Royale (the hardest encounter in the game), preparation is paramount. Make sure your ship is fitted correctly. Enough supplies, crew, bulkheads, ammunition and food buffs. Food buffs and Base Building buffs are what make the difference in this battle. You may have to try it first a few times in weaker ships before taking on the big guns (Dark Soul Queen or Mary Rose).

Be mindful of the towers that you are weak against. No 1 ship is perfect for the entire battle, and you may need to keep another ship parked at fort pangea to finish off the towers that your current ship is weaker to.

The Forts

The forts are part of the update, they are of medium to hard difficulty. They can be taken down but need to be careful as they can deal damage to you before you can get in range to deal damage. So depending on your repair ship skill, and fire cannon skill you can take the forts down for new resources. You will see Enemy Forts guarding regular routes, you can avoid them if you stay far enough away.

The Forest

As for the forest, you can take frost damage at night. Night Damage can be countered by frost resist armor, or brandy. To counter the bug swarm, keep some bug spray on you at all times.

The Swap

The ideal armor for swamp is the Camo armor, though it only protects you from damage, not the energy drain. Wine is supposed to stop the energy drain.

The Stall

Best way to check if the stall is currently selling something is to check if it has an “Open” sign in front of it. If you see that, that means it is currently processing something. Takes around 10 min game time to sell a crate.

The Islands

The way the islands work is upto level 30, you will only see Tropical Fruit Island, from 30-40 you will also see Swamp and Hog Island, 40-50 you will see Ice, so as the story progresses more islands are added so there is a 1 out of 4 chance for fruit island to spawn. There is currently no Surveyor for Fruit Island like there is for Snow.

These are the general locations of the Islands and where the Towers are:

How to Make Wine

To make wine you will need the grapes that are found in the swamp. They grow wild on some trees there.

How to Get Storm Essence

To get storm essence you will need to take your raft or boat into the ocean storm (tempest). You will see a lightening cloud in the sky and also on your compass. When you see that, head there. You will automatically get storm essence when you are in the tempest. Ocean storms happen every couple hours or so (usually around 2-3 game days), and around level 20+…while you are waiting for it, feel free to work on your base, do some side quests, or terrorize the ocean.

How to Get More Inventory Slots

As you level you get more slots, but if you can get to the base building level 2 or 3, you will get extra slots from the “comfort/cozy” buff.

Plus, there are food and drink items like pina colada, cooked meat, smoked brisket, berry pie, that will all help you carry a LOT more items.

Hurricane Damage

Did you know you can avoid most hurricane damage by crawling? can also work for swamp fumes, quicksand, and volcanic smoke.

Little Rock with a Nook

Did you know that this little rock with a nook can act as a shelter during storms? It can also shield you from attacks from the ghost ballista. If you are struggling with the ghost camp quest, you can build a small campfire to heal you and drag the widow over here and fight.

The Archers die very quick, so you can likely bum rush them, while avoiding attacks from the ballista who moves and turns very slowly.

Ghosts are weaker when you attack them from behind.

Build Tip

Since there are no hurricanes on starter islands, buildings don’t take damage on small islands, these islands maybe small but they have potential for some fun and safe builds. Provided you dont drag a pirate ship to your base, you can enjoy some peace and quiet there!

Traders and Tavern

Did you know that Traders and Tavern offer different IOU quests every day of the week? It is a good way to convert your excess IOUs to cold hard cash! Don’t overlook these quests as they can be a good source of income as well! They have quite a bit of variety based on what you like doing.

Energy Tip

Having energy problems in longer battles? Papaya Jerky or Pemmican may be the answer! Always keep some handy.

Crafting Bonuses

Did you know that you can get different bonuses upon crafting weapons? For instance a copper sword with 25% dex is extremely rare and valuable in combat. It may be worth it to make a few of these weapons to find the best one.

Building Buff Tiers Explained

There are 3 Tiers of Buffs (I, II, and III). Each buff is progressively better and gives you strength, dex and ability to carry more items in your inventory!

  • Building Tier 1 is achieved by building a basic home using a mix of walls, roofs, foundations and windows.
  • Building Tier 2 is achieved by building a slightly bigger home using well placed foundations, roofs, floors, walls, railings, and/or windows. Achieving Tier II also requires you to place certain decoration items looted from shipwrecks or bought from traders. For example, paintings, rugs, or similar.
  • Building Tier 3 may be achieved by building a bigger base, and adding more rarer decorations, artwork or similar.

Building items must be near each other in a slightly moderate placement for them to count. For example, building 100 foundations in a large area will not give you 100 comfort points. But building a mix of few foundations, a few walls and roofs in a smaller area may give you the points required.

  • Building items give “Comfort” points.
  • Decoration items give “Cozy” points

Ships and Damage Type Information

(Includes spoilers, so read only if you wish to. If you like to discover it on your own, it can be fun!)

Mary Rose has the most hit points and the most damage (only when it is standing still). It is weak to Bio and Frost. So be careful around Yellow/Blue Towers and Pirate Commanders. But with enough Repair Skills and Master Crew, you may be able to handle the Battle Royale with Mary Rose solo. But to get the Mary Rose, you may need to Defeat Pirate Commanders at Battle Royale. To Do so in a Soul Queen or Naval Cutter, you will need very high repair skills.

  • Dark Soul Queen is also a good ship to take to the battle royale because, it will easily handle both Red and Blue Towers.
  • Naval Cutter is best against Bio/Yellow and deals the most damage while moving. It is also resistant to tropical storms very well.
  • Soul Queen/Dark Soul Queen is best against Frost/Blue. It is resistant to Icy Blizzards and Iceberg damage.
  • Dark Soul Queen is best against Frost/Fire (Blue and Red)
  • Mary Rose is best against Poison and Fire (Green and Red)
  • Providence and Regal providence are resistant to Physical and have the most hauling capacity.

Either way at some point you have to face a damage you can’t handle easily, so having a good 15 + Repair skill and a good crew will be needed.

Also watch the damage you deal against the enemies:

  • Iron Cannonball deals Fire most (Red) damage (great against Red towers)
  • Poison Cannonball deals most Poison (Green) damage (great against Green towers)
  • Silver Cannonball deals most Frost (blue) damage (great against Blue Towers)
  • Omni Cannonball deals balance all around damage (great against Forts)

Technical Tips

How to Back Up Save File (Worlds) Manually?

It can be helpful backing up save files on a regular basis. The Save folder will be less than 10mb and it will be under your Windows AppData… Look under:


Back up the relevant folder (generally ForgottenSeasBeta if you are in Beta) in the location by Zipping it or Copy and Paste it to another location (do not move or delete this folder).

I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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