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Guide to Trivia Quiz Solutions

Note: 62 True / 65 False.

Lore / Story

Answer: True!

  • Arden is one of the Three Sages in the Dark Forest.
  • Bryon has a falcon comapnion named Elona.
  • Cassadee greatly admires Merlin, the legendary mage.
  • Dionel once cast his spear toward Hoistone to kill a golem.
  • Golems are powered by an energy core inside of them.
  • Golems used to be Dura’s creations.
  • Hewynn became friends with a hornleaf bear.
  • Holistone was named after the Faith Stone it possessed, but it was later stolen.
  • Lady Vala refused to see Lord Franz once when he visited.
  • Lord Franz tried to promote grape cultivation in Ryeham as a replacement for the existing wheat crops.
  • Lyca, the captain of the Dusk Patrollers, has a younger brother.
  • Marilee often runs errands for the Evergreen Conservatory to support her family.
  • Merlin’s ward cast upon Ryeham is actually a seal.
  • Parisa likes to drink herbal tea.
  • Rowan’s first in line to take control of the Mithril Consortium.
  • The Adamant Syndicate hired Shakir and his men to manage the camp.
  • The blue butterflies are messengers of Misarte.
  • The Evergreen Conservatory has collected lots of golem materials.
  • The grapes promoted by Lord Franz can make gruglins go berserk.
  • The head of Lunadorf is Granny Dahnie.
  • The place where Dolly threw the invites into the air was actually a balcony that belongs to Giga the Camelossus.
  • Valen is a member of the heroic order.
  • We once met the legendary Dionel at the Moon Temple.
  • Florabelle is a teacher at Jade Lake Academy (unsure about wording) works as a teacher, vaduso mountains.
  • The Mirror Lake of Ryeham becomes frozen when the temperature drops.

Answer: False!

  • Atalanta and Temesia are strangers to each other.
  • Atalanta is a notorious thief.
  • Both Parisa and Lyca are Dusk Patrollers.
  • Both Valen and Temesia are Templar Knights.
  • Bryon is Lorsans superior and both are Windwhisperers.
  • Cassadee works as a teacher at the Serene Lyceum.
  • Eironn, the Scion of the Vaduso, is well-loved by his people.
  • Eomir has a longer beard than Arden.
  • Eomir has a pair of Bunny ears on his head.
  • Eomir is a prominent figure of the Wind Faction.
  • Fay and Marilee were childhood friends.
  • Fay graduated from the Serene Lyceum.
  • Granny Dahnie is Lorsan’s Mentor.
  • Hornleaf bears are commonly found in Golden Wheatshire.
  • Illucia summoned Reinier with magic.
  • Kafra is a loyal assistant to Eomir.
  • Lord Franz has a stocky build.
  • Lorsan ate the wheat in the fields when you first met him.
  • Lucius is a knight of the Heroic order.
  • Mirael was once a comrade of Merlin.
  • Rowan’s pet is called Braddock.
  • Scarlita holds a personal grudge against Berial.
  • Temesia regrets letting Atalanta go.
  • Temesia’s mount is a white deer.
  • The arsonist of the fire in Ryeham is Mirael.
  • The Deerspirit Altar is located near the Lucent Tree in the Dark Forest.
  • The Lucent Tree is situated in the northernmost part of the Dark Forest.
  • The MIthiril Consortium is the mastermind behind the incident involving Lord Franz and the contaminated grapes.
  • The villagers, intimidated by Mirael, refer to her as the Flame Sorceress.
  • There are three temples in Remnant Peaks.
  • There is a school named the Serene Lyceum to the northeast of Lovers’ Wish.
  • Valen belongs to a orginization called Fools.
  • We have a familiar named Chippy. He is a mage.
  • Weaver’s real name is Scarlita.
  • Korin’s prosthetic arms are made of quickvines by Granny Dahnie.

Character Skills

Answer: True!

  • After Berial is defeated, he will revive himself from the position where a non-summoned enemy is defeated.
  • Carolina’s snowballs will attack enemies imprisoned by Confining Spell.
  • Kruger has many skills that can weaken the enemies phys Def.
  • Marilee deals significantly less damage when enemies get close to her.
  • Most units recover Energy after taking damage.
  • The aroma range of Smokey & Meerky will increase when their Ultimate is used.
  • The longer Scarlita stays in the air, the stronger she becomes.
  • Thoran’s Resurrection skill can be triggered even when Thoran is defeated by instant kill effects.
  • Under certain circumstances, Rhy’s normale attacks can deal AoE damge.
  • Viperian needs to drain his own HP continuously to sustain the Darkvipers.
  • When there are enemies with low HP on the battlefield, Seth will become stronger.

Answer: False!

  • All normal attacks deal physical damage.
  • Berial’s ability to revive himself can be triggered up to two times during a single battle.
  • Bryon’s falcon, Elona, exists on the battlefield permanently.
  • Carolina’s Snowball Witchery can be used once every 5 seconds.
  • Cassadee’s Tidal Strength can increase her allies’ ATK.
  • Eironn can stun the enemies with his Ultimate, Verdant Cyclone.
  • Korin is a melee character with an attack range of 1 tile.
  • Lyca’s Empyrean Blessing skill can increase all allies’ Haste.
  • Reinier’s Dynamic Balance can change the positions of Unaffected units.
  • Rowan’s Ultimate, Fatal Greed, restores Energy for nearby allies and stuns nearby enemies.
  • Temesia does not perform normal attacks, so increasing her ATK SPD is useless.
  • Temesia will change her direction when she charges and reaches the edge of the battlefield. So, her charges are more frequent in small battlefields.
  • The amount of HP recovered from Life Drain is not affected by Healing and Vitality.
  • When Igor is on the battlefield, a tombstone will appear every time a character is defeated.

Gameplay Mechanics

Answer: True!

  • Cats in Holistone will walk away in annoyance if you interact with them too often.
  • Dream Realm Bosses have multiple difficulties, and they cannot be defeated in Endless Mode.
  • Due to faction Strategies wilder heroes can do more damage to graveborn heroes.
  • Each Artifact has its unique support effects.
  • Each challenge in Honor Duel ends after you achieve 9 wins or take 3 losses.
  • Honor Duel is a Fair Play mode where you can choose an initial formation (Artifact and heroes) to embark on a series of challenges.
  • In Honor Duel, the Duel Store offers better items as its level increases, and you can level it up by completing more battles.
  • In Honor Duel, you can sell your heroes in the Formation interface.
  • The Victory Rewards in Honor Duel refresh weekly.
  • There are different Bosses in Dream Realm.
  • There are multiple difficulties in arcane labyrinth and you have to clear the previous one before you can do the next.
  • There are three difficulties in Battle Drills. After clearing the easy drills, you then challenge the harder ones.
  • When ascending a hero, you might need the Acorns of the hero’s faction. You can use Omni-Acorns if you don’t have enough acorns of the faction.
  • While in a cave, you can tap the mini-map to find a button that lets you quickly return to its entrance
  • You can chat with heroes by approaching certain tables and bonfires.
  • You can equip your heroes with equipment in the Class Upgrade interface. The higher the equipment level, the greater the boost to your Power.
  • You can obtain Pal-Coints for the first three Matched Gestures you perform with other players daily.
  • You can one-shot some monsters without entering the battle if you’re significantly stronger than them.
  • You can only deploy heroes of the same faction in Legend Trial.
  • You can tap the Camelossus icon on the mini-map to teleport to the Camelossus’ location directly.
  • You can unlock Exclusive Equipment and Exclusive Skills after ascending a hero to Mythic+
  • You can unlock special skills after ascending a hero to Legendary+, Mythic+, and Supreme+
  • You get a reward upon Reaching an Arena Tier for the first time.
  • You have one free chance to collect Instant AFK rewards daily, each chance instantly grants rewards equal to 2 hours of AFK.
  • You must defeat the Hypofiends of a map before you can explore it.
  • Your combined title is made up of a prefix and a suffix. You are free to choose the prefix and suffix from your preferred title.

Answer: False!

  • Daily Rewards and Weekly Rewards in Arena are not affected by Arena Tier.
  • Due to faction strategies, Mauler heroes can deal more damage to Lightbearer heroes.
  • Golems are commonly found in the Dark Forest.
  • In Battle Drills, heroes deployed cannot be swapped out.
  • It costs stamina to initiate a battle in battle drill and your stamina will not be restored after using it up.
  • Legend Trial features four towers that follow the same opening schedule.
  • The default critical damage multiplier is 200%.
  • The score of Century Quest is determined by the highest number of taps you can achieve in a fixed amount of time.
  • The Speedy movement buff on the map can stack up to 4 times.
  • When your formation contains 1 Wilder hero and 4 Lightbearer heroes, the Wilder Hero will not receive Faction Bonus for their stats.
  • You can challenge other players to manual control battles in Arena.
  • You can challenge the Dream Realm Bosses as many times as you want each day.
  • You can participate in Battle Drills without joining a Guild.
  • You can teleport to Waystones you have not visited before.
  • You can use Forging Stones to forge equipment. The level of the equipment forged can exceed the Average Resonance Level.
  • You cannot set your own defensive formation in Arena.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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