AFK Journey – Dream Realm Guide

Team Composition Guide (Pre-Endless Mode Teams)

This guide contains the most popular teams for the seasonal Dream Realm. Hero positions may change depending on your level and boss difficulty, but in most cases, the positions in the guide are optimal.

For these teams to work effectively, your heroes need to be at a high level of ascension (minimum Myth+, recommended Supreme+) and have at least EX +5/10. How effective the teams will be at low levels is unknown.

If you don’t have a Myth+ Reinier, you can try to replace him with an extra DD, support, Thoran, or Lucius.

The guide does not include endless mode. Most likely, for endless mode, other teams will be needed.

Which Artifact to Use?

Currently, there is no single correct artifact for bosses, as it all depends on the situation.

  • The best artifact for maximum damage in most cases.
  • In some cases, you will get a better result with this artifact than with the previous one. It also increases the survivability of your team.
  • In rare cases, these artifacts may have a better result than the previous ones.
  • This artifact is used to increase the survivability of the team. Most often used on Necrodrakon and Alpha Bear.
  • When you open a new difficulty, this artifact can help you survive a little longer. To do this, you need to use it to charge Koko’s ult.



King Croaker


Snow Stomper

Lone Gaze (Wolf)

Alpha Bear

I hope this was helpful to you!

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