AFK Journey – Overall Performance Tier List Guide

Tier List Guide

Here is some infographics guide of tierlist if you are wondering what are they strong at.

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Wilder Tier List

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Mauler Tier List

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LightBear Tier List

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Graveborn Tier List

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Cele and Hypo Tier List

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Some Notes:

  • Korin is better than Lucius on almost every level from mobility to dps output to the fact that he can do it while serving as a defensive Support. His EX is also amazing for DR whereas Lucius’ EX sucks majorly. Korin is absolutely the superior unit here.
  • The core of that team is Eironn EX and while Carolina matches up with it she’s not the only viable pick (we’re seeing Parisa+Dionel and also Arden show up in those comps). Besides that there’s already another team in development that’s looking to be even more annoying (Thoran/Igor/Niru core mono Graveborn).
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  1. This is a terrible tier list. The way it’s presented makes it seem like wilders are an average faction which is far from it

    Bryon has the 2nd or 3rd highest dps potential in the whole game so how he isn’t t0 or t1 I anything is crazy

    Smokey being t0 is just not true the moment his chanting gets interrupted he’s completely useless

    Lucius and Koran are pretty much the same unit except Koran has slightly better dps and lucius heals more and is tankier how you have them in completely different tiers in almost game mode doesn’t make sense when they have the same viability…

    Caroline makes up the core of the best pvp team in the game but you have igor and thoran above her …… like seriously….????

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