Age of Wonders 4 – Tier V Quick Tips

Tier 5 Tips

Materium’s Tier V is garbage unless you’ve taken the Tome of Rock, the Tome of Winds, of the Tome of Terramancy along the way… all of which are sub-par Materium Tomes that you will probably skip even if you’re going fairly hard into Materium. Basically if you’re not summoning elementals then the Tome of the Creator is lackluster as ♥, and the Nature Tier V is better.

Shadow Tier V is amazing… But only if you went hard into the Necromancy side of the Shadow Tomes, which I get the impression most people don’t.

Astral Tier V is a mixed bag, Cosmic Overdrive can be very strong if you’ve gone hard into Magic Origin troops (Mostly summons) or Combat Summons or both, but otherwise is useless. If you’re Astral focused, chances are you have gone into summoning to at least some degree, but not always. Astral Travel sounds bad if it only moves your leader. Disruption Wave is quite good unless you’re fighting enemies that don’t bother with enchantments, buffs, or debuffs, which… I guess could happen? Time Stop on the other hand is just a god tier spell no matter what, and means the Tome is never a bad pick, and by itself probably makes this one of the best Tier Vs.

Nature Tier V is up there though. As others have noted, Mass Rejuvenation is very good, and could potentially transform a pyrrhic victory or close defeat into an absolutely crushing victory. Force of Nature is an extremely boss enchantment if you’re beast and cavalry heavy (And if you’re in a position to take the Nature Tier V book… how did you manage that without going into beasts and cavalry?) Admittedly if you somehow went hard enough into Nature magic to get 8 Nature affinity without going into animal and plant units, yeah, the tome is not great.

Chaos Tier V looks incredibly strong, with Balors, Incite Rebellion, and Demonic Onslaught all looking quite useful to me. Avatar of Chaos may be very good too, depending.

Order Tier V looks pretty strong too. Mass Revive works on all Faithful or Zeal units, which will be all your units if you’re playing Order primarily. There’s really no way you could play order without having all your units be at least one or the other, so in that sense it’s less situational than the Nature or Shadow Tier Vs. Wrath of the Emperor is a pretty decent strategic level army blaster. Divine Protection is absolutely fricking incredible if you have the mana to recast it often. Resurgence was the best ability in Planetfall and I can’t imagine it sucking here either, though admittedly it would be a lot stronger if you got it earlier. Exalted Champion is… decent. It’s strong, but single target, which hurts it a bit and feels inappropriate at Tier V.

Overall, I’d rate Nature’s Tier V as being in the top 2 or 3, as long as you have any significant number of planet/animal units. If not, it’s still at least not the worst (That has to go to Materium. Much as I really love Materium, their Tier V tome just blows).

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