Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms – Starting Tips

These are the things and ideas I keep in mind when starting a new character.

Some Thoughts on Starting

Playing Philosophy

As you start to find success in the Fighting Areas and get your first level up, you will probably wonder what skill to get and would think of researching a good “build”. Maybe you’ve read in some reviews before you bought the game and got an idea of a optimal skill set up.

All I will say is that it is better to not care about that at all.

With the time limit and the small max level, it is very clear the game expects you to fail a lot of runs.

It’s best to approach this similar to a roguelike/lite. With the time limit in mind it is clear the characters you make will require low commitment, and with the wide map allowing you to head up locations in a variety of paths- there is the potential for many runs that you will experience something new.

With that in mind I would recommend that it is best to not care and just build how you want. After that hey, make a build you don’t want. Experiment with your abilities and your weapon choices. Don’t worry about finding a companion or the best rewards for the quests. If you are a new player, you WILL die many times. But don’t let it bring you down. Just sit back, have fun!

It is a singleplayer game as I am writing this and there is no competition, no BM, no toxicity. Take it easy and enjoy the experience that this game has to offer.

That being said, most of the abilities you can get after you level up are useful as your first skill.

The one thing I would mention is that their usefulness is dependant on how good you are at the core combat mechanics. If you’re a new player, I would loosely suggest an ability that would forgive the mistakes you make in combat. Or prevent them all together. Healing and the Familiar come to mind but ranged attacks have no cost except cooldowns so you can keep a safer distance with them and avoid taking damage all together. Really depends on what kind of character you would want to make.

With the low commitment mentioned above, you do not have to stress about getting all your points perfectly.

Going Through the Motions

After you make your character and meet your royal figurehead, you will find yourself in the Capital of the land of your race.

Right off you’d want to purchase some provisions. Cooking food fresh off the character creator is not that simple so I usually head to the inn and buy some food. To find the inn open your Overview and look for the second named zone after where you got your quest to slay Alaloth.

After that you’d probably like to get some tools to sustain your journey. You can head to the blacksmith, denoted by this symbol in the Overview.

Blacksmiths are capable of repairing your gear. What I like to purchase right away are a few repair kits. Repair kits only repair durability by 1 per kit, so I keep them in the back pocket until a time comes where I need them in an emergency. Ideally you would want to repair everything AT the blacksmith.

Keep in mind that if you let your durability fall too far it becomes expensive to repair them. Repair often!

Then I’d purchase some potions from a merchant in town. This is only slightly recommended as you start with a fair amount of potions. This is more so I can enter more Fighting Areas without returning to town to stock up.

I’d aim for just healing potions at the start, and around 4 of them. Starting characters have no abilities and could be the peak of the difficulty for the run. With no ability to use as a crutch, I usually fill all 4 slots with health potions for my first Fighting Area.

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