No Man’s Sky – The Complete Navigation Data Farming Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Scaledish!

This guide covers all the methods of nav data farming I have found to date.

Guide to Navigation Data Farming


Nav Data is a key part of the NMS gameplay. It is needed to find portals, crashed ships, and many other important items… Exept… Where is it to be found? This guide will teach you all the ways to find it.

1. Space Stations

This is perhaps the easyist and most strait foward method, however it is slightly time consuming. Fly to the nearest space station, and enter it.

Check the tables!

On both sides of the station you will find encypted nav data. I have found it in 3 forms:

  • Orange floating cube.
  • Blue rubix cube like shape.
  • Flat disk.

There may be more, but the best practice is to go from table to table holding E. It is also worth noting that these will only sometimes provide nav data, and other times nanite clusters.

Once you cleared out all the tables, go to the vender stalls, and check there desks.

Finally, go into the small rooms through the closed doors near the back of the station, and check the tables in there.

From the station, you may get 1-3 pieces of nav data. They will not respawn for a long time, so re checking will be a waste of your time. Instead, go to a new system, rinse, and repeat.

2. Cargo Drops

Light thing

At some locations – my best luck has been crashed ships and manufacturing facilitys, both of witch require nav data to find, you will find amyst a cargo drop, a tall white poll, with what resembles a light at the top. This will alow you to save your game, and will reward you with a garentied nav data.

Barrel type cargo

These can be found at any cargo drop, and require a atles pass v1 to open. Upon opening, there is a 46% chance of it rewarding navigation data.

It is also worth noting that a blueprint (called a barrel fabracator) for the barrel type cargo can be bought using salvage data at the anomaly. These can then be placed in a base, and every 1 hour in real time can be opened, and will have the same chance of granting nav data.

3. Minor Settlements

At minor settlements (directions can be bought from the mapgek for 1 nav data (comirshal settlement or inhabited outpost)). There will be a tech merchant who may sell you nav data. at that location you will find a merchent who may sell you nav data. There will also be items in there that may grant nav data.

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