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The addition of things comes with the complete release of the game. Items are gained by shooting caged chickens. These cages revert to their original state over time. The button for using things, on the other hand, will take precedence over the one for avoiding (Left Ctrl by default). You can have two objects in your hands at the same time. When you get a third item while you already have two, the first one will be deleted and the new one will be placed underneath the second. You can’t go back and forth between your first and second choices. If you die, your items will remain in your inventory.

Egg Barrage

This ability allows you to fire eggs at a rapid pace for a short period of time.


This ability allows you to fly and gain moderate height for a short period of time.

Save Point

This ability drops a save balloon in whatever direction you are facing, within a few feet of your knight.


This ability grants you super speed, greatly increased jump height, and invulnerability to everything except water for a short period of time.


This ability allows you to launch a shield. The shield can do damage to multiple enemies, as well as stick inside any obstacle with collision physics, allowing for innovative pathfinding. The shields will only break if hit by a projectile.


This ability allows you to turn into a chicken. The chicken can fit through smaller gaps and jump higher, however you will only have one hit point and cannot trigger knight-only obstacles or save points. As a chicken, you can shoot knights small distances. If the knight lands on a ledge of any kind, you will turn back into a knight in the location it has landed.


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